MAGNETOM PrismaThe 3T PowerPack for exploration.

The new Siemens MRI Scanner MAGNETOM Prisma1 is the 3T PowerPack for exploration – it offers a unique 3T MRI platform to help you tackle the most demanding MRI research challenges of today and tomorrow. Its breakthrough design delivers maximum performance under prolonged high-strain conditions. And, exciting new MRI applications deliver higher anatomical detail.

  • The power to outperform – with the unique 3T PowerPack: Unmatched 3T magnet, XR 80/200 gradient coil, parallel transmit architecture TimTX TrueShape, and revolutionary receive architecture Tim 4G
  • The power to explore – the most demanding 3T MRI research quests with exciting new applications.
  • The power to succeed – with the right tools, the right partner, and the right collaboration network.