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A Critical Tool for School and Workplace Safety

High-volume COVID-19 Antigen Testing

  • Demand for COVID-19 testing continues to increase, placing great pressure on large organizations and communities to efficiently identify COVID-19 infection.
  • Lab-based antigen testing can be easily integrated on currently available high-throughput instruments already in use for routine diagnostic testing.
  • Results can be used to help make more-informed decisions such as implementing quarantine measures to mitigate spread.
  • Automated laboratory reports can satisfy reporting requirements to the appropriate public health authorities.

What is a lab-based antigen test?

COVID-19 Viruses

Lab-based antigen tests are processed on high-volume automated analyzers in a clinical, reference, hospital, or mobile lab to deliver accurate results within hours.

✔️ Cost-effective
✔️ High throughput
✔️ Fast results
✔️ Simple to use
✔️ High accuracy and sensitivity
✔️ Individual result reporting

How does lab-based antigen testing work? 

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Collecting specimen for COVID-19 laboratory antigen testing

Collect the specimen using a swab 

COVID-19 Antigen testing on Atellica® IM Analyzer

Lab processes up to 200 samples per hour on high-speed, automated analyzers.

COVID-19 lab results

Get results.
Turnaround time as fast as <6 hours*

  • Results reported the same day.

Why choose a lab antigen test?


Suspected COVID-19 outbreaks 

Lab antigen tests are ideal in remote settings, institutions, and semi-closed communities where PCR is not immediately available.
COVID-19 testing for large organizations and facilities

Large organizations and facilities

Ongoing monitoring can help prevent widespread infection within institutions and workplaces such as schools, offices, dormitories, factories, correctional institutions, and medical facilities.
Domestic and international traveler COVID-19 testing

Domestic and international traveler testing

Efficient and scalable passenger testing is ideal for airports, train stations, and cruise ships.
  • Can help increase testing capacity to support testing of large groups and organizations. 
  • Ability to detect multiple variants, including Delta and Omicron. 
  • Can aid in fast detection of currently infected people, including those who are asymptomatic.

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