ADVIA Centaur® Intact PTH Assay*

Measurements of Intact PTH (iPTH) are used in the assessment of iPTH status in many clinical conditions, including the differential diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism or hypothyroidism. Intact PTH levels are also used to assess and manage other metabolic bone disorders, including osteoporosis and renal osteodystrophy. This assay can be used intra-operatively. A new high-quantum-yield molecule, the Zwitterionic Acridinium Ester (ZAE), reduces non-specific binding, improves sensitivity and precision, requires smaller sample volume, provides better onboard stability and longer shelf life for reagentsǂ, with a rapid time to first result (18 minutes).

  • Preformed design minimizes biotin interference (biotin levels tested up to 1000 ng/mL), ensuring confidence in patient results
  • New assay design with monoclonal antibodies and kitted calibrators ensure reduced lot-to-lot variation
  • Minimal cross-reactivity increases accuracy in iPTH results, especially in patients undergoing biotin treatment
  • Intra-operative claim to assess parathyroid excision provides important guidance to surgeons in assessing surgical procedures

Consolidate your iPTH testing on the fully-automated, high-throughput ADVIA Centaur Immunoassay system.

Download iPTH Specification Sheet