Future of cancer care: moving from promise to reality

Insights Series, issue 38: A thought leadership paper on “Innovating personalized care”.

Imagine a world where a cancer diagnosis isn't a tragedy. A world where a patient can be confident that no matter how complex the cancer might be, it will be quickly and effectively addressed. A world where cancer is viewed as just another manageable chronic disease. A world where there is no fear of cancer. 

As a first step to achieving this ambitious goal, we need to reflect on where we are and what’s required to advance the fight against cancer

This paper outlines some of the most pressing challenges healthcare providers and cancer care teams currently face, including:

  • Fragmented care 
  • Increasing demands on medical professionals
  • High cost of care
  • Non-standardized and fragmented medical technology infrastructures 
  • Variability in access to care and gaps in adoption of modern technologies

Several exciting near-term solutions are beginning to have a positive impact, and will help shape a future with more comprehensive, multimodal, and integrated cancer care

  • Earlier detection and diagnosis, as well as localized, less-invasive treatment approaches
  • The ability to harness the power of panomics
  • Transformation of data into decision support tools
  • Leveraging the potential of immunotherapy, genomics, precision medicine, robotic surgery, interventional oncology, and radiotherapy
  • Development of intelligent cancer care tools

Read this important paper to learn more about “The future of cancer care”.

This thought leadership paper is part of the Siemens Healthineers Insights Series. It provides ideas and practical solutions on 'Innovating personalized care'. For more Insights, please visit siemens-healthineers.com/insights-series.

Portrait of Deepak Khuntia

Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs & Chief Medical Officer Varian

Deepak “Dee” Khuntia, M.D., FASTRO, joined Varian in 2013 and leads the office of Medical Affairs, which is responsible for providing medical-clinical expertise to all Varian operations, including clinical research, medical evidence generation, medical science education, product development, product support, regulatory affairs, government affairs, mergers and acquisitions. Dr. Khuntia has played a leading role in innovating and bringing new cancer treatment and cardiac radiosurgery technologies to hospitals worldwide. In addition to his responsibilities at Varian, Dr. Khuntia continues to hold a part-time clinical practice in Radiation Oncology in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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