Stroke Imaging

When stroke strikes, be ahead of your time.

As your partner in stroke management, we keep you ahead of your time. Our advanced technologies let you speed up stroke care and transform care delivery along the entire pathway – from stroke screening and pre-hospital diagnosis and care to in-hospital diagnosis and treatment. Explore our offerings for stroke care!

The clinical stroke pathway

You rely on excellent diagnostic imaging to confirm ischemic stroke, detect the location of the vessel occlusion and evaluate the brain damage and penumbra. CT and MR imaging are considered the gold standard by international stroke guidelines. But when every second counts, having the right software and technology for treatment of acute stroke patients matters. 

Future vision for stroke management

We at Siemens Healthineers are committed to helping healthcare providers globally to succeed in today’s dynamic environment. We are inspired to transform the way things are done – because we want what is best for our people, our customers, and ultimately the health of mankind.

Data integration, smart intelligent systems will be necessary to evolve the quality of treatment delivered to the patients.

Get a small taste of what future digitalization and intelligence can mean for Paula, a middle-aged woman with an elevated risk of being hit by a stroke.

Digitalizing healthcare is the key enabler for expanding precision medicine transforming care delivery, and improving patient experience. Ultimately, digitalizing healthcare enables providers to achieve better outcomes at lower costs. To make this possible, four steps are critical:

  • Manage data as a strategic asset, e.g. with the support of technology like the digital twin
  • Empower data-driven decisions
  • Connect care teams and patients
  • Build a learning health system, e.g. using AI technology

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