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DK-Nexl Level customer magazine

Tässä numerossa mm.

• Remote scanning – a new way of doing examinations in Region Norrbotten, Sweden

• An invaluable help during the pandemic - Analyzing Blood Gas at the Point of Care in Sweden

• The Atellica DCA Analyzer is Diabetes Testing Evolved - First customer experiences from Finland

• First Experiences with Robot Assisted Coronary Interventions in Finland and Sweden

• Virtual Technology Enhance the Delivery of Service and Support

• A World News on Wheels in Oslo and Copenhagen - CT article

• Virtual Product Presentations a new Normal in Ultrasound, Finland

Next Level 2/2020

Tässä numerossa:

  • Pioneering partnership with the Hospital Nova in Finland
  • Artificial Intelligence as an invisible helper in diagnostic imaging
  • COVID-19 insights and experiences in the Nordic countries
  • Use of advanced CT scanners can improve diagnosing of wrist fracture
  • Optimizing performance with a human-centric hospital layout at Stavanger Hospital in Norway
  • Robotic technology is finding its way into the cath lab