Be where patients need you most

Make patient-side testing the nexus of care hospital-wide with the epoc Blood Analysis System.

The epoc Blood Analysis System with epoc NXS Host is a market-first diagnostic solution to be powered by Android. 

Integrated Barcode Reader

Easy microSD Accessibility

Secure WIFI and BLUETOOTH Connection 

Vibrant HD Touch Screen

Slim, Lightweight Design

Powered by Android

  1. POC epocNXS Scan Patient Barcode

    1D/2D barcode reader scanning patient ID band.

    An integrated 1D/2D barcode scanner provides convenient scanning of patient ID and other important information.

  2. POC epocNXS Micro USB 2

    Convenient microSD accessibility 

    Convenient microSD accessibility to support epoc System software updates.

  3. The Reader uses an embedded BLUETOOTH module for communication with an epoc Host.

    The Reader uses an embedded BLUETOOTH module for communication with an epoc Host.

    The epoc NXS Host leverages WIFI and BLUETOOTH specifications that conform to regulatory and security standards around the world.

  4. epoc NXS Touch Screen NICU View Critical Results

    Clinician using gloved finger to review onscreen results in NICU

    The system has a vibrant, 5 inch, HD resolution touchscreen that is glove-touch ready.

  5. POC epoxNXS Side Open

    The epoc system is slim, lightweight and easy to manipulate. 

    With the it’s modern consumer-based design, the epoc NXS Host is slim, lightweight and easy to manipulate.

  6. Powered by Android

    Advanced processing power and expanded memory for fast response time.

    Powered by Android, the system delivers advanced processing power and expanded memory for fast response time to deliver critical results where they are needed most.

Prompt-based Test Workflow

Intuitive Interface

Animated Onboard User Guidance

Secure Connection

Color-coded Patient Results

Real-time Positive Patient ID

Comprehensive Critical Results Reporting

  1. POC epoc NXS Touch Screen NICU Inject Sample

    The banner is indicating to the user that the analyzer is ready to accept a sample.

    Audio and onscreen visual prompts direct users when action is required such as the insertion of a test card or sample injection. With integrated haptics, the unit will vibrate, alerting the user that data entry has been successful.

  2. POC epoc NXS PreAnalytical

    The user interface is supported by a software application powered by Android, to support both experts and novice operators. The application delivers an intuitive, streamlined prompt-based workflow, with easy to navigate dropdown menus and a large onscreen keyboard. These features facilitate prompt data entry of patient demographics, sample information, respiratory parameters, free text comments, and critical notes.

  3. Animation of card removal

    Animation of card removal

    Onscreen animations demonstrate proper technique and guide users through actions, such as test card insertion and sample injection.

  4. Encrypted data transmission may protect against cyber threats. 

    The system provides reliable, positive patient identification, and secure, wireless care team communication, enabling caregivers to remain at the patient's bedside. Encrypted data transmission may protect against cyber threats delivers confidence that patient data is not compromised.

  5. Color Coded Results

    Color coded results reporting

    Results are available in less than 1 minute after sample introduction with a color-coded indication to flag critical or out-of-range results.

    Red being a critical result, yellow indicating that it’s out of range, so that a caregiver knows whether or not they need to take immediate action.

  6. Real-time Positive Patient Identification 

    With the positive patient ID feature the system wirelessly matches the scanned ID with patient data from the LIS, positively confirming the patient ID. Ensuring a reliable match to the patient and result mitigates the risk of error and potential misidentification and gives caregivers confidence that the right patient is being treated based on the right result.

  7. epoc NXS Touch Screen NICU View Critical Results

    Actionable blood gas, comprehensive basic metabolic panel, hematocrit and lactate results are available in less than 1 minute after sample introduction. Critical results can to be documented, as results are wirelessly transmitted to the LIS/HIS/EMR and are accessible by the entire care team, to deliver therapy.

Actionable results in less than 1 minutes at the patient’s side. 

In a few simple steps, you can have clinically actionable test results without leaving the patient’s bedside, with a solution that simplifies the testing process, automates quality assurance, and provides comprehensive, connected care. 

POC epoc NXS Hold Host Insert Test Card

Scan or enter user ID

To initiate a test, detach the Host from the Reader and scan your credentials to verify authorized use. 

POC epoc NXS Insert Test Card

Insert test card when prompted

The Host provides audio and visual prompts when action is required, such as the insertion of a Test Card.

POC epoc NXS Enter Patient ID

Scan or enter patient ID

User can scan the patient barcode from the user interface or hardware to mitigate the risk of transcription errors.