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The Artis zee product family offers a comprehensive portfolio and complete range of applications to increase your clinical capabilities and ease your workflow in Interventional Cardiology, Interventional Radiology and Surgery. To tackle an increasingly diverse case mix, Artis zee gives you the flexibility and confidence you need for routine and complex procedures.

It is equipped with industry-leading imaging technology, unique dose management tools, and the latest clinical applications based on the innovative PURE® platform.

In order to accommodate various clinical disciplines in one room, a high degree of flexibility is needed. Artis zee is therefore available as a floor, ceiling, biplane and a multi-purpose system.


Artis zee - Floor-mounted system

Floor-mounted system

The floor- mounted Artis zee, available with a small or large detector, provides positioning flexibility even for very small rooms of only 25 m2.
Artis zee - Ceiling-mounted system

Ceiling-mounted system

The Artis zee ceiling-mounted system allows easy patient access and full body coverage from all sides. Siemens’ unique InFocus and IsoTilt maintain the projection angle during stand rotation and during table tilting. In addition, the system provides the uncompromised soft-tissue imaging of syngo DynaCT from the left-side to also cover the patient’s lower abdomen.
Artis zee - Biplane system

Biplane system

Artis zee biplane with two small, two large or mixed detectors provides excellent biplane imaging from head-to-toe, it supports two iso-centric imaging positions including a second working position for free head-side access.
Artis zee - Multi-purpose system

Multi-purpose system

The Artis zee multi-purpose system features a flexible architecture with versatile clinical applications. It is available with right-side table suspension for routine interventional angiographic procedures, fluoroscopy and radiography and a left-side table suspension providing optimal patient access during endoscopic procedures.

Features & Benefits

Deliver optimal image quality

Regardless of the kind of patient you treat, regardless of procedure, Artis zee helps you address all clinical challenges with excellent image quality at lowest dose.

See the previously unseen

See the previously unseen

The HDR (High Dynamic Range) flat detector as40 HDR and proven MEGALIX Cat Plus X-ray tube make a perfect: together, they enhance 3D image quality and deliver excellent low-contrast images directly in the angio suite – even for challenging applications. This means you save precious time and free up your CT and MRI. Furthermore, the CLEAR applications reduce noise, increase image sharpness, and compensate motion artefacts

Clearly better images

CLEARmatch compensates for patient movements with next- generation pixel shift in DSA and Roadmap. Clinical image courtesy of Alfried Krupp Hospital, Essen, Germany
Siemens - Advanced Therapies - Artis zee - syngo DynaCT

Excellent soft tissue differentiation

syngo DynaCT with HDR detector technology translates into excellent low-contrast resolution. Clearly detect and diagnose small intracranial bleedings.
DynaCT provides information not apparent in DSA and therefore supports sounder decision-making during interventions. Clinical images courtesy of Osaka City University Hospital, Japan.

Intelligent dose optimization

Adjust to each individual patient and angulation
Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) automatically adjusts the following five parameters depending on the C-arm angulation: tube current, focal spot, filtration, exposure time and tube voltage

Broaden your procedure mix

Thanks to Artis zee’s extensive range of applications and positioning flexibility, you will be able to perform angiography procedures that may not have been possible before.

Artis zee - User guidance with PURE

User guidance with PURE®

Increase your process efficiency in the angio suite with dedicated user guidance, especially for 3D
The 3D Wizard offers step-by-step guidance to allow even non-experienced users achieve the 3D imaging results they want. Choose the desired image from a predefined pool and let the system guide you through the 3D scan.

Develop your clinical scope

syngo Dyna4D helps you see flow patterns in 3D, providing a virtually unlimited number of DSA runs at no additional dose or contrast media. Clinical images courtesy of University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, USA

Invest with confidence

Artis zee is a smart investment that grows with your requirements. Whether you are looking for a rapid return on investment, shared use, access to latest clinical applications, or future upgradability – Artis zee is ready.

  • Individually customize and upgrade your system with the latest Siemens software available
  • Up to 99% uptime with Siemens service depending on your choosen contract


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1The relative statement assumes typical treatment and patient morphology and refers to procedures within the scope of the cleared intended use.