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Value of implementing patient-side testing at a large community hospital

Cost analysis, sepsis bundle compliance, and employee engagement

Patient-side testing is about more than a location. It’s about staying focused on the patient. With the implementation of point-of-care testing (POCT) platforms supporting patient-centered approaches to health care delivery, patient care delivery and outcomes may improve. A large community hospital, in the Midwestern United States, evaluated the implementation of the epoc® Blood Analysis System, the associations with a sepsis bundle protocol compliance, and impact to mortality, in addition to employee engagement and cost savings.

What could happen when critical testing results are delivered patient-side in less than 1 minute with a system that securely connects the entire care team?

With a change from traditional benchtop analyzers to a POCT platform the study determines the experience has been positive. Moving to patient-side testing led to hospital cost savings, demonstrated improved employee engagement, and improved compli­ance with lactate turnaround time, which has improved sepsis bundle compliance and may be related to lower mortality rates.