Atellica VTR Syringe Portfolio

Atellica VTR Syringes and Multicap Capillary Tubes

A comprehensive range of sampling devices designed for safe blood gas collection and accurate analysis

The Siemens Healthineers critical care portfolio delivers transformational solutions by offering products from sample collection to test results. With a comprehensive range of blood gas instrumentation along with sampling devices that ensure accuracy, operator safety, and patient comfort, Siemens Healthineers provides complete coverage for your blood gas and electrolyte testing needs. 

Atellica® VTR Syringes 

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Heparin is a key component in arterial blood gas testing. Traditionally manufacturers have increased or reduced the amount and/or types of heparin in an effort to not alter electrolyte results (e.g., iCa++) through dilution or other effects. With over four decades of proven performance, the Atellica® VTR Syringes respond to the need for accurate blood collection and sample integrity.

The design reduces the potential for pre-analytical errors, featuring a dry balanced lithium-zinc heparin formulation that prevents coagulation with virtually no impact on electrolytes. Furthermore, the benefits of balanced lithium-zinc heparin are not affected by whole-blood samples with low protein content.1

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Protective Sheath

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    Multicap™ Capillary Tubes

    POC Multicap ear stick

    The precise coating process and use of a balanced heparin formulation reduce electrolyte binding for more-accurate results and homogeneity along the entire tube length. Glass and plastic capillaries come in multiple sample volume sizes and quantities and are supported by several companion products, including caps, mixing fleas,* magnets, and adapters.

    *Recommended for pH, pO2, and pCO2 analysis only.