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MRI for all.

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We believe everyone deserves access to MRI.

As an extremely powerful imaging tool, MRI has proven to play a pivotal role in the fight against many of our world’s most prevalent diseases. But the cost and complexity of deploying conventional MR scanners limits its reach. As a result, more than 50% of people on our planet still have no access to this potentially life-changing technology. And those who do have access must often endure long waiting times and travels based on the current availability. So, if we really want to change this, we need to rethink MRI.

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introduces a disruptively simple approach to MRI that transforms global access to high-value care. Based on our revolutionary High-V MRI platform, MAGNETOM Free.Star is a new breed of MRI that has the ambition to improve people’s lives

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That improves lives

A designed-for-purpose scanner that can be deployed to truly improve lives. See how

infrastructure radically simplified

That fits everywhere

MAGNETOM Free.Star1 innovates with simplicity. See how

Intuitive operation for any professional

That’s easy to operate

Give more people access to MRI – with true push-button operations. See how

Redefining MRI affordability

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Dramatically reduction of the costs and complexity. See how

MRI is the leading diagnostic tool for cancer, neurological disorders and orthopedic conditions and as such supports many care providers to improve the lives of their patients. 

Based on our revolutionary High-V MRI platform, MAGNETOM Free.Star leverages the full power of digital innovations to create a new breed of MRI that will ensure greater access to healthcare.

Digitalization is rapidly transforming MR imaging by applying highly efficient acquisition techniques and deep learning-based reconstruction. High-V MRI takes the power of digitalization and deliberately applies it to a new field strength of 0.55T with inherent clinical benefits. High-V MRI combines the best of both worlds to offer a new era in MRI that embraces diagnostic confidence in daily routine and new clinical opportunities

MAGNETOM Free.Star is also available as turnkey solution in a container - enabling you to offer MRI independent from your facilities infrastructure.2

myExam Autopilot automates MRI intelligently. Even novice users can deliver high quality results easily in routine MRI scans. For experienced techs this also allows to focus more on the patient rather than the operation of the scanner. myExamAssist and myExam Cockpit complement the scan experience with guidance and flexible protocol customization.

Real time scan support

Discover a healthcare service that offers you remote scanning support for MR imaging. Request an MRI scan to be remotely performed (Remote Scanning) or choose remote scan coaching for on-the-job learning (Remote Coaching).

On demand diagnostic services

With remote reading solutions we support the entire workflow from scanning to reading.