teamplay contrast

teamplay Contrast Simplify your contrast agent management

Easily simplify and standardize contrast agent management, strive towards monitoring and optimize your contrast exam workflows within yourradiology department across modalities with the newest member of the teamplay performance applications family: teamplay Contrast!

teamplay Contrast iPad screen

teamplay Contrast provides easy access to contrast data to support the quality assurance process for monitoring overall consumption and injected volumes. teamplay Contrast will display data for continuous contrast performance evaluation for any injector type or vendor, which allows efficient contrast data analysis.
The solution gives an overview of the contrast performance of the protocols in use by type and target region. teamplay Contrast makes adverse events visible to allow for timely analysis and implementation of measures in response to events.

What does teamplay Contrast do for you?

  • has in-built Interoperability capabilities based on communication standards (DICOM and HL7) and can interface with systems like Injectors and hospital information system (PACS,RIS and EMR).
  • is designed to communicate with range of compatible injectors which support contrast SR (complaint to DICOM164 supplement) OR have the DICOM secondary capture enablement to the PACS.
  • Get an overview of the current contrast performance of the institution with the ability to filter data by injector, body region, protocol, and location
  • Analyze, review & report contrast KPIs and their variability for relevant modalities and connected injectors
  • Easily detect outliers in contrast agent administration and understand root causes to take corrective actions
  • Quickly compare contrast performance of different units within your institution and make lasting improvements