Atellica VTLi Patient-side Immunoassay Analyzer

A vital leap forward in cardiac testing

Fast and accurate diagnosis can make all the difference to patients waiting to find out if they've had a heart attack.

When patients present to the emergency department with signs and symptoms that may indicate Myocardial Infarction (MI), every minute waiting on test results comes at a cost. Patients and their families are anxious, and clinicians and laboratory professionals are pressured to identify the problem quickly and accurately.

But many emergency departments today are overcrowded, leaving both patients and providers waiting for answers. How can this be improved? How can we increase efficiency and diagnostic confidence for clinicians?  

Having high-sensitivity troponin I testing available at the point of care can transform the way chest pain patients are assessed, providing results you can trust in just 8 minutes-all from a single fingerstick.

With the Atellica VTLi Patient-side Immunoassay Analyzer, clinicians are delivered high-sensitivity cardiac troponin results at the speed of care. Emergency department patient throughput may be improved, enabling earlier intervention for patients with MI as well as faster disposition for those without an MI.

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When a patient presents with symptoms of a potential heart attack, achieving favorable outcomes for patients and their families depends on everyone working together with speed and confidence. During those most critical moments, trust, time and resources aren't just valuable-they're vital.

The Atellica® VTLi Patient-side Immunoassay Analyzer, a high-sensitivity troponin I test at the point of care, delivers accurate results in just 8 minutes. By improving patient throughput and accuracy, the analyzer could transform care delivery for millions of patients each year.

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“With the Atellica VTLi system, we’re able to improve the patient pathway by combining rapid results with a process redesigned with the use of an ambulatory care area. We can use space more efficiently, and more importantly, we're going to get them out of hospital faster.”

Professor of Cardiovascular Biomarkers and Former Consultant in Chemical Pathology at St George’s Hospital.

Atellica VTLi Analyzer Features & Benefits

Improved ED throughout Assessment

Improved ED Throughput

Streamlines chest pain assessment, aiding in earlier disposition decisions for patients not having a heart attack and fast interventions for those who are.

Evidence-Based Accurate Performance

Evidence-Based, Accurate Performance

Offers hs-cTnl testing right at the point of care. Results are available in just minutes for clinicians and laboratory partners.

Heart Assessment Monitor

Easily Integrated into Assessment Process

Transforms the chest pain assessment process to benefit patients, clinicians and operational workflow.

Know the Facts: Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

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Cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death globally.1

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17.7 million people die every year from CVDs, an estimated 31% of all deaths worldwide.2

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Heart disease has remained the leading cause of death at the global level for the last 20 years.3

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Expediting triage times for patients presenting with heart attack symptoms enhances patient care and helps against Emergency Department overcrowding – a patient safety issue and a worldwide public health problem that contributes to cardiac deaths.4

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Fear and anxiety are common emotions for anyone with heart conditions, and an acute onset of chest pain or other symptoms requiring emergency evaluation can exacerbate those feelings.5

Atellica VTLi Analyzer Expert Perspectives

Dr. Paul Collinson

Professor of Cardiovascular Biomarkers and Former Consultant in Chemical Pathology at St George’s Hospital

Dr. Frank Peacock

Professor, Vice Chair for Research, Henry JN Taub Department of Emergency Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine

Dr. Mike Samoszuk

Pathologist, Physician-Executive

Atellica VTLi Analyzer Product Images

The Atellica VTLi Patient-side Immunoassay Analyzer

The Atellica VTLi Patient-side Immunoassay Analyzer delivers hs-cTnI results at the patient-side in 8 minutes.

Atellica VTLi hs-cTnI reagent cartridge & RFID Chip

The Atellica VTLi hs-cTnI reagent cartridge contains an RFID chip that contains expiry and lot specific data.

The Atellica VTLi Analyzer

The Atellica VTLi analyzer with normal hs-cTnI results on the docking station.