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PIT PERAMI IX 2020Sports Imaging: Present and Future Challenges

Musculoskeletal Imaging in MRI

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MRI is often the preferred imaging modality in musculoskeletal conditions because of its superior soft-tissue contrast, allowing the visualization of tears and degeneration. Therefore, Siemens Healthineers provides you several MRI technologies that help you achieve reliable results at exceptional speed even in the presence of challenges such as imaging around metal implants1. Achieve consistent and reproducible high-quality image results with dedicated MSK scan protocols. Gain further clinical insights from leading experts on their clinical challenges and improve your clinical routine with our latest talks.

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GOKnee3D delivers reliable quality at exceptional speed. It enables a clinically validated, push-button, high-resolution 3D isotropic knee exam, with all relevant contrasts and image reading in all planes in only 10 minutes2. GOKnee3D is enabled by CAIPIRINHA SPACE and the Large Joint Dot Engine, providing push-button functionality and high consistency in knee imaging.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Clinically validated, high-resolution, isotropic 3D knee exam in 10 minutes2
  • All essential clinical contrasts with image reading in all planes
  • Improve patient throughput and reduce costs per scan
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The turbo spin echo (TSE) sequence is the clinical mainstay of MSK imaging. High-resolution 2D scans typically add up to 15-20 minutes total exam time. Simultaneous Multi-Slice TSE helps cut scan times by up to 46%3 and increases slice coverage as well as resolution in routine MSK examination.
Simultaneous Multi-Slice excites several 2D slices at the same time and separates the information during reconstruction with an intelligent framework. Simultaneous Multi-Slice TSE can replace the conventional pulse sequence for almost all MSK regions.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Reduce scan times by up to 46%3
  • Achieve higher spatial resolution and thinner slices
  • Improve patient throughput and schedule shorter exam slots per patient

Musculoskeletal in Ultrasound

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With a global ageing population and the trend towards high quality of life, the challenge to intervene in the clinical pathway of musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders is strong. Personalized MSK Ultrasound leverages the unique value propositions of High-density Dynamic Imaging, eSieFusion Imaging and Multi-modality Review from Siemens Healthineers to support a patient-centric approach to MSK disorders.