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With our award-winning FREEZEit package featuring TWIST-VIBE and StarVIBE – you will be able to take body imaging to the next level by overcoming contrast-agent timing issues and problems with motion. This will enable you to expand your MRI services in the field of body imaging​.

Frost & Sullivan recognizes FREEZEit with the Product Leadership Award for Innovative Techniques in Abdominal Imaging.

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The FREEZEit trial license contains of three sequences:

  • TWIST is a sequence for time-resolved (4D ) angiographic imaging with high spatial and temporal resolution.
  • TWIST-VIBE is a fast, high-resolution 4D imaging sequence that provides temporal information to ensure the right contrast timing for different lesions in combination with DIXON for the fat-water separation.
  • StarVIBE is a motion-insensitive 3D sequence using a stack-of-stars trajectory that effectively compensates breathing, swallowing, bowel motion and other sources of motion artifacts.

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Prof. Dr. Schneider and his team at Saarland University Medical Center are one of the first to use FREEZEit. Listen to their experiences and gain insights in how and when they use the new technology, as well as what kind of advantages it brings.

Webinar: Ultrafast Imaging of the Liver – FREEZEit and beyond
Date: January 28, 2021