Viral Hepatitis – Combating the Silent Epidemic

Viral Hepatitis – Combating the Silent Epidemic

Viral hepatitis is a global health problem that affects hundreds of millions of children and adults.1 Although multiple pathogens have been associated with hepatitis, three in particular (hepatitis A, B, and C) are responsible for the majority of virally linked hepatitis cases.2 Chronic viral hepatitis B and C are a major cause of chronic liver disease, which may manifest as liver fibrosis and cirrhosis leading to liver cancer and the need for liver transplantation.

Join two leaders in the field of infectious disease as they discuss the important role laboratory testing plays in the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with hepatitis:

  • Current status of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C infection rates in regions around the world
  • Global hepatitis elimination efforts being made by the Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination
  • Guidelines for HBV and HCV screening and the importance of access to diagnostic testing and its linkage to care
  • Benefits of HCV reflex testing and the implementation steps involved for the laboratory.


Viral Hepatitis – Combating the Silent Epidemic
John W. Ward, MD
Director, Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination, Task Force for Global Health
Decatur, Georgia, United States

Implementation of Reflect HCV RNA Testing at a Public Health Lab
Agatha Jassem, PhD
Program Head, Virology/Molecular Diagnostics
BCCDC Public Health Laboratory
Clinical Assistant Professor, Pathology & Lab Medicine
University of British Columbia