ADVIA 120 Hematology System
Minimizing review rates and repeats utilizing proven flow cytometry

ADVIA 120 Hematology System
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The ADVIA® 120 System offers a unique portfolio of diagnostic assays and gold-standard flow cytometry testing. To satisfy the demands of laboratories, Siemens Healthineers delivers a hematology analyzer with comprehensive testing parameters, flexible sample handling, a user-defined interface, and a compact bench-top design.

ADVIA 120 Hematology System

ADVIA 120 Hematology System

Features & Benefits

The ADVIA® 120 Hematology System can automate your hematology lab without the need for large track-based systems or reflexive testing. This is how Siemens delivers practical solutions to your hematology lab. 

Streamline workflow and maximize productivity with a hematology analyzer that eliminates the majority of commonly performed manual steps. The ADVIA 120 System delivers the gold-standard in testing methodology for optimum results while offering the simplicity and flexibility you need for easy integration into your lab. 

ADVIA technology utilizes peroxidase staining—the gold-standard in differential testing. This primary methodology of the ADVIA Hematology Systems also provides a secondary total white cell count that acts as an internal QC check to monitor sample integrity.

  • Unique cytochemical differentiation of myeloid and lymphoid cells, and six-parameter differential supplies additional clinical information
  • Direct measurements of intracellular hemoglobin provide sensitive and specific RBC morphology for the accurate and early indication of disease states
  • Accurate platelet counts in the clinically significant range (excluding microcytic red cells and cell fragments) minimize the number of manual counts and unnecessary costly platelet transfusions
  • Further isolate and identify disease states without additional labor through CSF and CHr testing capabilities


Maximize your workflow efficiency with gold-standard technology. With integrated and automated solutions from Siemens, you can scale from stand-alone instrumentation to complete automation as your productivity needs change.


Differential Results
(absolute and %)
NEUT, LYMPH, MONO, EOS, BASO, LUC (Large Unstained Cells)
Platelet Results PLT, MPV, PDW, PCT
Reticulocyte Results
(absolute and %)
RETIC, MCVr, CHCMr, RDWr**, HDWr**, CHr, CHDWr**
CSF assay results Optional


Morphology results
WBCLeft Shift, Atypical Lymph, Blasts, Immature Granulocytes, Myeloperoxidase Deficiency
RBC and PLT NRBC, ANISO, MICRO, MACRO, HC VAR, HYPO, HYPER, RBC Fragments, RBC Ghosts, Platelet Clumps, Large Platelets


** Laboratory Use Only
† CN-free HB method optional

Technical Specifications

Performance Specifications

WBC0.02 to 400 x 103/µL
RBC0.0 to 7.0 x 106/µL
PLT5.0 to 3500 x 103/µL
HB0.0 to 22.5 g/dL
Retic0.2 to 24.5%





Test Selectivity / Throughput

CBC120 samples/hour
CBC/DIFF120 samples/hour
CBC/DIFF/Retic74 samples/hour
CBC/Retic74 samples/hour
Retic74 samples/hour

Sample Modes / Volumes

Automatic Closed Tube175µL
Manual Closed Tube175µL
Manual Open Tube175µL

Weight and Dimensions

Analytical Module with Autosampler:
Weight193 kg / 425 lbs
Height86 cm / 33.8 in
Width141 cm / 55.5 in
Depth68 cm / 26.8 in
Analytical Module without Autosampler:
Weight163 kg / 360 lbs
Height86 cm / 33.8 in
Width81 cm / 31.9 in
Depth68 cm / 26.8 in


Workstation Specifications

Intel Pentium E6500 Dual Core 2.93 GHz
350W Desktop/Tower
3Gb/s 7200 RPM 16MB Cache Hard Drive
1 GB Memory Module
17” Color Monitor
Full-sized Keyboard (major languages)

Autosampler Option

150 Sample Capacity:15 Racks with 10 tube capacity
Compatible tube types:Vacutainer®, Hemogard™, Monovette® (Sarstedt 2.6 mL tubes require rack modification), Greiner MicroSample Tubes, BD MAP tubes
Automatic discrimination of label codes:Codabar
Interleave 2 of 5 with and without check digit
Code 39
Code128 EAN and JAN (8 and 13)


Other Specifications

Onboard analytical and wash reagents (1850 CBC/Diff tests)
Automated Daily Maintenance – fully programmable

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