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Endovascular Robotics

Building the future of robotics, imaging, and device integration

We believe a combination of endovascular robotics, image guidance, and dedicated devices will significantly impact how neurovascular procedures will be performed in the future, and we remain focused on bringing value to customers and patients. 

This belief is shaping our strategic direction through development of a purpose-built next-generation robotic platform, connected to imaging capabilities, designed to address the unmet needs in neurovascular care. With this vision, we aim to treat more patients where and when they need it. 

Therefore, we will focus on neurovascular robotics to: 

  • Provide enhanced access to care for patients 
  • Address unmet customer needs 
  • Integrate imaging, devices, and robotics

We are committed to developing the next generation of innovative robotic solutions to revolutionize treatment of neurovascular diseases.

Clinical Specialties Stroke Focus
With image-guided, robotic-assisted therapy, Siemens Healthineers remains dedicated to transforming the way neuroendovascular care is delivered. In the future, we aim to bring essential therapy to stroke patients where and when they need it.