Siemens Healthineers body scan from PET/CT using FAST PET Workflow AI.

FAST PET Workflow AISpend more time with your patients

Once the scan is complete, there are still many tasks required to prepare a patient exam for reading, which means more time at the scanner and less time with patients. Let the scanner automate and simplify these tasks with FAST PET Workflow AI1.

Features & Benefits

PET FAST Workflow AI includes two powerful solutions to increase technologist efficiency so more time can be spent with patients:

  • Auto PACS ready ranges
  • Auto data export

Auto PACS ready ranges

With this new feature, the scanner will automatically start the TrueD range creation once datasets are automatically loaded into TrueD. Once these automated tasks are complete, Siemens deep-learning, artificial intelligence algorithm, ALPHA technology, eliminates blank images and provides output images based on the users predefined input for orientation, image direction, type, etc. With the scanner preparing image ranges for transfer, time is freed up for the user to complete other tasks or to spend more time with the patient.

Auto data export

Once the images are ready to be sent and read, auto data export will automatically export data to a predefined location without any additional interaction needed by the user. This feature can be setup to send data for up to two different locations.

The data selected will be automatically exported upon closure of the patient study. However, auto data export will check for any running reconstructions of that study and wait until all the reconstruction jobs are completed before the patient study will be exported. This allows the user to finish setting up all the requested reconstructions, close the study, and get to the patient faster at the completion of their scan.

Technical Specifications

General Requirements

  • Biograph Horizon
  • Biograph Vision
  • Biograph mCT
  • Biograph mCT and Vision must run SW PETsyngo VG80 or higher1
  • Biograph Horizon must run SW PETsyngo VJ30 or higher1


Please Note: Additional technical pre-requisites may apply. Upon receiving your request, your local Siemens representative will clarify whether your system meets the requirements.