siemens healthineers mammomat revelation

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MAMMOMAT Revelation

siemens healthineers mammomat revelation

How do you master today’s complex and demanding healthcare market? How do you meet the needs of well-informed consumer-patients while operating under relentless cost pressure? How do we fight the world’s most threatening diseases? Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide1 and the second leading cause of death.2 One in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime.3

Our answer: MAMMOMAT Revelation.

A mammography system that not only enables 3D visualization of the whole breast with its market-unique 50° Wide-Angle Technology, but also comes with an outstanding solution package, opening the door to our Breast Health 360° approach. Siemens Healthineers supports you throughout the entire Breast Health Journey – from early detection, screening, and diagnostic methods to treatment, therapy, and follow-up.

  • Deliver precise, early cancer detection and benefit from comprehensive customer support
  • Find the right balance between radiation dose and image quality
  • Offer a comfortable, speedy patient experience without compromising on diagnostic certainty

MAMMOMAT Revelation lets you see more, detect breast cancer earlier, and help women stay healthy.

Go for quality

It’s not only about precision in cancer detection, it’s also about continuously supporting customers.

Aim for the right dose

It’s not only about lowest dose, it’s also about highest image quality.

Focus on all patient needs

It’s not only about comfort and speed, it’s also about certainty.

Features & Benefits

It’s not only about precision in cancer detection, it’s also about continuously supporting customers.

MAMMOMAT Revelation is a state-of-the-art mammography system you can rely on for early detection and precise diagnosis of breast cancer. But there’s so much more to it: Our 120-year history at the cutting edge of healthcare technology – which includes half a century of  mammography research – taught us that truly superior healthcare technology goes far beyond manufacturing excellent systems.

By choosing our MAMMOMAT Revelation, you not only get world-class equipment, but also benefit from our Breast Health 360° approach.  We take care of you in every step of the way: from examination workflow to services over the entire product lifecycle.

More expertise. More service. More efficiency.

MI Mammography Pathway Circle

Seeing the whole picture also means seeing your entire journey as you deliver the best possible care to your patients. Siemens Healthineers is right by your side with a holistic, personalized portfolio of solutions that we call our 360° approach: We’ve got you covered in every step of the Breast Health Journey from discovery to recovery. From obtaining a patient’s medical history to screening and diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up – we provide accurate, human-centric, and economical solutions to empower your decisions. Thanks to our new business segment Varian, we are expanding the potential of cancer treatment even further.

Profit from expert knowledge across all imaging modalities with a global player: Siemens Healthineers

Rely on support along the entire product lifecycle

When you decide to buy a new system, you have a thousand questions. Our 360° approach means that we help you answer all of them because we consider every aspect of your operation as if it were our own.

More information on hardware maintenance, software updates, and staff training:

More information on financing solutions and 3D visualization und digital twin analysis:

It’s not only about lowest dose, it’s also about highest image quality.

Since most breast health screenings are performed on healthy women, dose is a major factor. Women are well aware of the issue and want to avoid unnecessary radiation exposure. You, on the other hand, need the best possible image quality, to reliably identify what you see in mere seconds – without missing a lesion, over-diagnosing, or bringing patients back for avoidable recalls.

A system that delivers low dose, while giving you highest image quality. MAMMOMAT Revelation offers you just that: Its 50° Wide-Angle Tomosynthesis enables 3D imaging of the whole breast, delivering the highest depth resolution for screening, diagnostic imaging, and 50° Wide-Angle Biopsy.12 

See more. Detect more. Rule out more.

siemens healthineers mammomat revelation

Low dose has always been a hallmark of our mammography products, but with our PRIME Technology’s intelligent software algorithm, we’ve achieved the world’s first software-based anti-scatter solution for mammography:

  • Up to 30% dose reduction13
  • Without compromising image quality 

Gridless acquisition means no radiation absorption between breast and detector:

  • Utilize 100% of primary radiation
  • Lower overall dose levels
siemens healthineers mammomat revelation

Automatic exposure control (AEC)

  • The complete breast is analyzed to calculate the required dose for each breast individually
  • Works in every position and view
  • Automatically excludes the pectoral muscle in MLO views


  • Determines exposure parameters depending on breast density and thickness
  • Selects best anode/filter combination depending on breast thickness, density and site-specific definition
  • Different dose levels further optimize exposure
  • Five predefined dose levels available
siemens healthineers mammomat revelation
Tomosynthesis is a great approach to better detect breast cancer. And with our 1-view tomosynthesis, you are also able to reduce dose. Although our 1-view tomosynthesis takes 25 projections, it uses less dose than standard 2-view mammography.14
Insight 2D: No need for additional FFDM images
Certain jurisdictions require a tomosynthesis workflow to include a 2D image for documentation. You can meet this requirement with our Insight 2D, FFDM’s synthetic twin. As you eliminate the need for an additional FFDM image, you lower overall dose exposure for your patient.15

While 2D mammography is still the standard technology, tomosynthesis is becoming more prevalent in screening space and for good reason. MAMMOMAT Revelation with 50° Wide-Angle Tomosynthesis overcomes diagnostic challenges like overlapping tissue with the highest depth resolution16 and highest mass detectability17 on the market, enabling you to see more and detect more

While 2D mammography may leave as many as 30 to 50% of malignant tumors undetected18 , one of the largest studies worldwide with more than 15,000 screened patients has shown that 50° Wide-Angle Tomosynthesis provides an increased detection rate of invasive cancer of 43% with just a 1-view tomo scan19 and a 15% dose reduction.

You may be reluctant to go from 2D to 3D because tomosynthesis images give you a completely different kind and amount of information. Insight 2D, the synthetic twin of FFDM, renders a 2D visualization of the tomosynthesis volume to ease your transition from 2D to tomosynthesis.
  • Easily navigate 3D data
  • Fast side-by-side comparison of both breasts
  • Intuitively assess density26, 27
  • Insight 3D: synthetic rotating visualization for improved orientation in the tomosynthesis volume

It’s not only about comfort and speed, it’s also about certainty.

Women are no longer passive patients, but informed consumers who demand a comfortable exam and fast, reliable results. They will choose their provider based on the available equipment and services . and they will make their voices heard in your quality ratings. A great patient experience is more important than ever.

Women know that when it comes to breast cancer, early detection is key for treatability and good outcomes. When findings are ambiguous or cancer is suspected, they need reliable results and certainty. MAMMOMAT Revelation and our extensive portfolio of services and solutions help you deliver superior breast care to empowered patients.

Less discomfort. More confidence. More reliability.

Patient anxiety and the growing need for personalized pathways are challenges in breast care. Every woman is different, and MAMMOMAT Revelation embraces their individual uniqueness. With relaxed and calm patients, it’s much easier to achieve high image quality and avoid retakes.

Some challenging cases require additional diagnostics, yet MRIs are time-consuming, costly, and not always available. MAMMOMAT Revelation offers the option to integrate TiCEM – Titanium Contrast Enhanced Mammography.

  • Optimized titanium filter reduces X-ray tube load
  • Helps detect or rule out inconclusive lesions34
  • Cost-effective diagnostic alternative
  • Reduces scheduling conflicts
Insight BD – Insight Breast Density: Leverage quick and precise risk assessment
Women with dense breasts have:
  • an up to 4 times higher risk of breast cancer35
  • 20% less sensitivity36
  • a higher recall probability 

Insight BD offers you:

  • an automated, volumetric breast density assessment
  • an objective classification37
  • instant risk stratification right at the acquisition workstation, directly after the first scan 

More and more guidelines recommend that women with high breast density must be notified. Inform your patients to encourage them to become more engaged in their own healthcare.

siemens healthineers mammomat revelation

In inconclusive cases, spot compression helps assess screen-detected masses, asymmetries, architectural distortions, and microcalcifications.

Benefit from 50° Wide-Angle Tomosynthesis with our SpotPlus compression paddle:

  • Focus on a smaller area of the breast
  • Increase compression in one spot while still showing the surrounding tissue
  • Avoid unnecessary biopsies
  • Added confidence in tomosynthesis imaging

Precision is key when taking a tissue sample. Biopsies guided by 50° Wide-Angle Tomosynthesis have a target accuracy of ± 1 mm. And with the dedicated biopsy chair, patients can sit up or lie down.

Less need for retargeting means less stress on the patient.

Clinical Use

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Technical Specifications

Detector technology

Amorphous Selenium (aSe)

Detector size

24 cm x 30 cm (9.5“ x 12“)

X-ray tube anode material



Anode-filter combinations: W/Rh, W/Ti

Swivel range

+180° to -180°, motorized, isocentric rotation with preselectable rotation angle