Siemens Healthineers Saudi Arabia institutionalizes Innovation Think Tank to accelerate growth opportunities in the Kingdom

Impressions from the ITT Certification Program outcome and panel discussion exhibition

Impressions from the ITT Certification Program outcome and panel discussion exhibition 

On the 8th of April, Siemens Healthineers Saudi Arabia organized its outcome exhibition of the Innovation Think Tank Certification Program which was kicked-off on the 1st of April for a period of 8 consecutive days under the leadership of Prof. Sultan Haider (Founder and Global Head of ITT), providing participants with the knowledge of Innovation Think Tank methodology and innovative thinking approach. The ITT Methodology is based on Prof. Haider’s vast experience of establishing and leading ITT locations and co-creation programs worldwide. The outcome exhibition also included a co-creation session with thought leaders in the healthcare field from the private and government sector as well as influencers that are playing a significant role in the national transformation plan for the healthcare sector in the kingdom.

The ITT certification program 2021 in Saudi Arabia has welcomed 30 interdisciplinary participants from different areas within the healthcare system, representing different entities such as hospitals, universities, and consultancies. Over the course of the 8-day program, the participants worked in 5 main groups to address the most prominent healthcare challenges in the region using the Innovation Think Tank Methodology. On the final day, jury members and panelists voted for the top 3 teams and their ideas in the areas of Technology clinical innovations for hospitals/healthcare systems of the future and Business models for hospital/healthcare systems of the future.

At the co-creation session which was also part of the outcome exhibition on the final day, all ideas presented combined with the existing key healthcare challenges were discussed openly with various thought leaders of the Saudi healthcare sector. According to Dr. Abdulgader Moeen, AI Consultant & Health Sector Lead, National Center for AI (NCAI)​, “ITT is our core national interest as a center and we are quite interested to collaborate with Siemens Healthineers in this regard.” Dr. Yasser Al Ateeq, Consultant Radiologist and PPP Program Manager, VRO MOH​ commented: “Thank you so much for this opportunity, Siemens Healthineers has invested in this program to bring bright solutions to invest in on the long term.” Dr. Talal Al Malki, Chief Executive Officer, Taif Region Healthcare Cluster, MOH also weighed in “I would be supporting the establishment of Innovation Think Tank in our organization and I am looking forward to it."

Michel Atallah, Managing Director, Siemens Healthineers, Saudi Arabia, commented “We are very proud to have established ITT in Saudi Arabia and I am very glad to see the strong healthcare stakeholder engagement both from government and private sector. I look forward to making ITT an institution in the Kingdom." 

In terms of the following steps, Mr. Ali Zhairati – Head of Marketing, Sales Operations and Communications in Siemens Healthineers Saudi Arabia has announced that the outcomes were shaped to be taken to the next level in the form of round-table discussions in collaboration with the thought leaders s to eventually set up Innovation Think Tank labs and programs in KSA.

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