Cios Connect

Cios Connect ecoConnect everyday surgery with reliability

Many clinical institutions have difficulties with OR planning because volatile caseloads make it hard to assign the right C-arm for a surgical procedure.

Cios Connect eco is a robust multifunctional C-arm for everyday surgery that helps increase your return on assets. The mobile C-arm is appropriate for all relevant surgical disciplines. Its lightweight design and elaborate features make system handling easy. What is more, Cios Connect eco offers you outstandingly sharp visualization of anatomical details at low dose.


New family of mobile C-arms - Many clinical institutions have difficulties with OR planning because volatile caseloads make it hard to assign the right C-arm for a surgical procedure. Learn more about it!
  • Simplify your fleet management - with a multifunctional C-arm
  • Optimally balance image quality and dose - with IDEAL
  • Increase asset utilization - with preventive maintenance and high system availability

Features & Benefits

Mobile C-arm Cios Connect Features & Benefits

The mobile C-arm Cios Connect eco offers many benefits – from multifunctional usage to clear, low-dose images and high system availability.

Mobile C-arm Cios Connect multifunctional C-arm

Drive process efficiency and simplify your fleet management with a compact multifunctional C-arm that matches your surgical requirements and is easy and intuitive to handle.

  • Multifunctional C-arm for everyday surgery – from ortho, trauma, and spine surgery to basic vascular and even entry-level cardiac surgery to lithotripsy and endourology
  • Excellent patient access – extended free space of 79 cm (31,1“) and immersion depth of 73 cm (29“)
  • Easy-to-understand button-based user interface – with self-explanatory icons
  • Intuitive C-arm positioning – with color-coded axes, brakes, and handles


Mobile C-arm Cios Connect - Optimally balance image quality and dose

Improve patient outcomes by clearly seeing anatomical details at low dose ‒ thanks to high-end optics and our unique IDEAL (Intelligent Dose Efficiency Algorithm).

  • Clear view of anatomical details at low dose ‒ thanks to advanced CCD camera and superior optics combined with IDEAL
  • Radiation-free C-arm positioning – with laser-light localizer1 on image intensifier and tube
  • Keep distortions to a minimum – with mu-metal shielded 23 cm (9’’) image intensifier
  • Flicker-free visualization of images – on two high bright1 monitors


Mobile C-arm Cios Connect Increase asset utilization

Cut your total cost of ownership and increase asset utilization in surgical imaging with a robust multidisciplinary C-arm that excels thanks to preventive maintenance and high system availability.

  • Robust hardware and software – thoroughly tested and proven
  • Tailored service offering – for you and your mobile C-arm machine
  • Predictable service costs and great efficiency – with on-site and remote system diagnosis and repair

Clinical Use

Cios Connect eco is the ideal multifunctional C-arm for every day. Fulfilling the surgical requirements in various applications, it helps simplify OR planning and C-arm assignment.

Mobile C-arm Cios Connect– ideal for everyday clinical uses

Cios Connect eco offers great clinical flexibility in a wide range of applications:

  • Ortho/trauma/spine surgery
  • Basic vascular procedures
  • Entry-level cardiac procedures
  • Lithotripsy
  • Endourology

Watch this video with Christian Rapke, MD, at Klinikum Nürnberg, and learn how Cios Connect eco performs in trauma surgery.

Technical Specifications

System specification


Detector technology

Image intensifier (I.I.)

Field of view

23 cm (9")

Image resolution

1 K²

Power Output

2.3 kW

Orbital movement

130° (- 40° to + 90°)

Immersion depth

73 cm (28.7”)

Free space

79 cm (31.1”), with fixed grid


2 x 19" high bright1
2 x 19" standard color

Image storage

150.000 images





Clinical applications and workflows


Vascular software

Essential1 and Standard1

Navigation interface

NaviLink 2D1

Cooling system tube


CARE program


IDEAL (dose management)


DICOM Services

DICOM Send / Storage Commitment1
DICOM Print1
DICOM Query/Retrieve1
DICOM Worklist / MPPS1



System control

Control technology

Button based

Breaks control




Room planning


Unit fuse protection

100 V to 127 V 20 A slow-blow fuse
200 V to 240 V 15 A slow-blow fuse

Dimensions C-arm
(l x w x h)

188.5 cm x 80.5 cm x 173 cm
(74.2“ x 31.6“ x 68.1“)

Dimension monitor cart
(l x w x h)

70 cm x 74 cm x 182 cm
(27.6“ x 29.1“ x 71.7“)

Weight C-arm

248 kg (545 lbs)

Weight monitor cart

230 kg (506 lbs) (including 2 monitors, UPS)