syngo Fusion PackageAdding CT defined landmarks

Pre-procedural planning based on CT becomes more and more the standard of care in structural heart disease.

Why not making use of the planning results to guide the intervention? Syngo Fusion package allows to co-register CT and angiography. With this, CT images including planning landmarks can be fused with live fluoroscopy.

  • Fuses CT or MRI based anatomical information through co-registration with only 2 fluoro images
  • Adds pre-procedural planning objects, e.g. 3mensio planning and graphical annotations for guidance
  • Allows to adjust the C-arm projection according to 3D with the push of a button  

Ole de Backer, MD

The Rigshospitalet Heart Center Copenhagen is integrating CT Fusion in addition to guidance through 2D ICE in their LAAC routine. Beside this extract of their live-in-a-box video you can see the full video here.