ACUSON SC2000 PRIME Ultrasound SystemPrecision at the Speed of Life


ACUSON SC2000 PRIME is an ultrasound system that provides you workflow efficiency and precision required at every step of the care pathway. You get the complete Structural Heart Disease solution with a full suite of imaging options and 1-click AI-powered applications – enabling you to handle whatever comes your way.

Unlike conventional systems on the market today, the ACUSON SC2000 PRIME was developed, and continuously improved to revolutionize the world of echocardiography. With ongoing investments in processing power and AI-powered applications1 as well as IT and security, the ACUSON SC2000 is more relevant today than ever to face the current challenges of echocardiographers.

Features & Benefits

  1. The most comprehensive suite of ICE catheters for Electrophysiology - 2D ICE, 3D ICE, 4D Volume ICE
  2. Precision and speed for the echo lab
    The system offers the most comprehensive suite of AI-powered applications.
  3. The complete structural heart disease solution
    • 2D and 4D TTE, TEE, ICE 
    • TrueFusion
  4. More relevant than ever before
    Evolution over time results in a system fully equipped to face current challenges.

  5. True Volume TEE, Z6Ms
    90X90 real-time volume imaging with clinically relevant volume rates and intuitive volume display tools

  6. Power of the platform

    • InFocus Technology 
    • True Fidelity color 
    • Doppler Real-time Volume Imaging
  7. 12% Lighter
    Improved ergonomics

  8. ICE probe saver
    Automatically reduces the mechanical index to prevent catheter overheating. Less interaction required. More reliable image quality.

  9. The complete structural heart disease solution

    • 2D and 4D TTE, TEE, ICE 
    • TrueFusion

Clinical Use

Transducer Technology

Papers & Studies


<p>Dali Fan, MD, Ph.D.​</p>
<p>Dr. Gagan Singh​</p>
<p>Dr. Nicolas Merke​</p>
<p>Dr. Carlos Sanchez​</p>

Customer Services

SRS provides the foundation for connecting your ultrasound system with a global team of technical and application experts from Siemens Healthineers. Using a secure network connection, SRS allows faster service response, interactive applications support and remote software updates. With SRS rest assured that you have the latest system software and performance benefits that reduce unnecessary system down time with remote connectivity to improve your system performance and productivity.

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teamplay Fleet enables you to streamline your Siemens Healthineers fleet management and to optimize your asset performance.

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Education & Training


Accelerate you or your staff’s workflow and knowledge with PEPconnect and PEPconnection1 . Engage in learning activities at any time and on any device for a personalized learning experience with PEPconnect. Using a PEPconnection subscription, you can access a workforce education management plan as well as analytics and progress report tracking.

1 Subscription required. Availability of subscription depends on country.

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