The Welcome Package for XA Platform – ADVANCED (All XA platforms)

The Welcome Package for Biomatrix XA Platform - Essentials (Sola, Vida, Altea, Lumina)

This course is a continuation of the basic Welcome Package and is designed to show MRI users the more advanced features of the new XA Software. It provides in depth knowledge of how to efficiently manage the MR system’s department protocols in Dot Cockpit, manage patient data and studies in the Patient Browser, managing background tasks in Job View, Creating screen videos. This course ensures understanding of the inner workings of a superconducting MAGNETOM system in order to maintain a healthy and safe MR environment. 

Course content 

Dot Cockpit – building a customized department tree with protocol guidance 

Patient Browser – managing worklists, correcting, and editing data 

Advanced User Roles – Configuration 

How to maintain a healthy MAGNETOM system – daily checks, QA and troubleshooting system errors.

Virtual/ Onsite Classroom Training

MRI Customer Education Specialist

Lead MRI Technologist and MRI Superusers that will undergo the full handover training

0.5 days

Price on request