​Advanced Therapies
Sensis Vibe Acquisition for Hemo

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This course is designed to help the users understand the fundamental features of the hemodynamic applications in Sensis Vibe systems. Vital patient monitoring parameters in a Cardiac Cath Lab environment is discussed to enable the users to perform hemodynamic calculations in their day to day cases with confidence. SmartSimulators are used to simulate real patient vital signs, and waveforms for better understanding of the hemodynamic applications discussed.

Course Content

Waveform management of ECG, IBP, SpO2 etc.

Cardiac Pressure Calculations including Pullback Pressures

Cardiac Output Calculations – Fick and Thermodilution Methods

Cardiac Shunt Calculations

Virtual/ Onsite Classroom Training

Advanced Therapies Customer Education Specialist

Angiography/ Cath Lab Radiographers

1 day

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