Getting to the Point in Radiotherapy


Pinpoint delivery of radiation therapy is critical to achieve the best outcome for oncology patients. Radiation oncologists need the most precise and easy to use imaging information possible as they strive to improve the outcomes in the many and varied clinical cases. At the same time, they rely on opportunities to expand and enhance services.

In this dossier, researchers and clinicians describe how they improve treatment accuracy when planning particle therapy. We report on how a network of comprehensive cancer centers enables patients living in the suburbs or countryside to receive state-of-the-art treatment. Discover also how modern computed tomography can support treatment planning and what RT professionals expect from modern imaging technology.

Precisely Targeted Radiotherapy, Even for Moving Tumors

In radiotherapy, limiting the target volume within the treatment area has always been hugely important so as to give maximum protection to the healthy tissue surrounding a tumor. Moving tumors present a particular challenge in this regard.

Australia Delivers Cancer Care Across the Pacific

Despite the progress made in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer, the huge distances some Australian patients need to cover for treatment add to the burden of the disease. Read more about the Icon’s Group’s network changing this problem here.

Exactly Calculated: Better Targeting for Ion Beam Therapy

To use the precision and effect of ion beam therapy consistently, it is crucial to calculate the range of the particle beam exactly. Thanks to the method developed by Steffen Greilich, PhD, and his team, a new level of accuracy is now possible.

Metal Artifact Removal Supports RT Planning

An 84-year-old male patient presented to the Radiation Oncology Centres with a right upper lobe (RUL) mass. Annual imaging including diagnostic CT scans had shown significant progression in his lung mass. At the same time, the patient started losing weight and experienced a worsening cough.