Deep Resolve

Deep Resolve

Mobilizing the power of networks

Deep Resolve is an AI-powered image reconstruction technology that takes advantage of intelligent denoising and convolutional neural networks to generate high resolution images from low resolution input. Scans can be faster, boosting workflow efficiency while improving patient comfort. Deep Resolve will offer an open interface that encourages collaboration and co-creation in a secure digital environment. Mobilizing the power of collective wisdom and experience enables extending the benefits of state-of-the-art MRI to new patient populations.

Features & Benefits

Shaping next gen AI

AI-based reconstruction is the next chapter in the digital future of magnetic resonance imaging. With Deep Resolve, AI is applied to image generation, thereby simplifying and speeding up workflows. This could increases the accuracy of diagnosis and serves the goal of expanding precision medicine through digitalization. We have a solid foundation of state-of-the-art med-tech and curated data from an international network and are the partner to trust in reliably and securely driving the digitalization of healthcare.

Digital innovation in healthcare requires open minds and an open space for fresh approaches to challenges. Deep Resolve is designed with an developerfriendly open interface for co-creation and knowledge exchange with partners. Standardized communication protocols make it easy to participate in development, and to collaborate and cooperate for innovation and translation into clinical practice. As a trusted technology leader, we are driving the digitalization of MRI by providing a future-proof, secure platform for innovation.

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