Atellica CI AnalyzerThe Atellica CI Analyzer addresses big challenges—all in a compact 1.9m2 footprint.

The weight of the responsibility you carry in the lab, and the enormity of the challenges you face to deliver quality testing– quickly, consistently, and accurately – day after day, is constant. Labs of all sizes are being asked to do more with less. This calls for more than a one-size fits all approach. The Atellica® CI Analyzer addresses these issues head-on—achieve predictable patient care, deliver greater agility across your network and meet security and sustainability goals – all in a compact 1.9m2 footprint.

Features & Benefits

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Sophisticated User Interface

Sample Handling

Independent Integration

Standardized to Atellica® Solution



Operational Efficiency

    Comprehensive and growing menu planned to have a comparable menu as Atellica® Solution across 20 disease states and innovative functions to help produce quality results.


    • Microvolume technology maximizes the test yield from a single sample aspiration
    • IMT sensor for electrolyte analysis with automatic calibration
    • Total 70 chemistry reagent positions, accommodating single and dual well reagent packs, with up to 2100 tests per kit
    • Up to 6 months reagent onboard stability
    • Calibration intervals up to 200 days


    • Environmental controls and consistent temperatures for precise immunoassay reactions
    • Temperature controlled incubation, fast throughput for efficient turn around times
    • Separate wash ring provides a tailored wash routine for each assay and helps deliver low end sensitivity, and specificity.
    • Total 40 immunoassay reagent positions (20 primary and 20 ancillary positions)
    • Up to 3 months reagents onboard stability
    • Calibration intervals up to 90 days


    • Full cardiac panel, including your choice of BNP or NT-proBNP, and high-sensitivity troponin I,  the only hs-cTnI assay with faster protocols validated in APACE, High-STEACS and HIGH-US cohorts.
    • Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) for the assessment of ovarian reserve, part of a growing reproductive endocrinology menu that also includes sFlt-1*and PlGF* to aid in the prognosis of preeclampsia.
    • Comprehensive infectious disease menu with workflow-efficient HIV and hepatitis assays, and the only HBsAg II* assay that offers a “hot zone” and SMART algorithm for greater lab efficiency.
    • Proprietary ELF™ Test*, a simple blood test to evaluate the risk of NASH liver fibrosis progression.

    With a planned menu of over 200 assays across 20 disease states, the Atellica CI Analyzer helps standardize results and streamline workflows for your entire network.  When results, workflows, and inventory are standardized across users and locations, you protect time and budgets to help every lab in your network increase the value of its care.

    *Under development.  Not available for sale.

    Product availability may vary from country to country and is subject to local regulatory requirements.

    Technical Details

    • Runs up to up to 600 photometric, 400 IMTs, 120 immunoassay tests per hour
    • Onboard capacity of 113 assays (70 reagent clinical chemistry positions, 3 IMTs, 20 primary and 20 ancillary immunoassay positions)
    • Rack handler accommodates 120 samples
    • STAT testing capability
    • No shared major components, to consistently maintain throughput

    Helping you reduce the burden of reporting by providing laboratory solutions that can meet safety and sustainability goals to ease the burdens on your staff, no matter their competence level.

    • Be inspection ready with software that anticipates your needs for accreditation
    • Atellica CI Analyzer is designed to utilize less water and is closely aligned with the Paris Agreement for combating climate change and the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals.
    • Guided workflows allow for a fast, easy-to-use experience regardless of the operator’s background or skill set.
    • The user interface software is customizable for your laboratory, so you can set up navigation and notifications that makes it fit your laboratory's needs.

    For more information about Siemens Healthineers' commitment to sustainability, please visit the sustainability page on our website.

    Go beyond productivity with thoughtfully engineered solutions designed to help enable our lab partners to deliver more predictable patient care, through better, faster results.

    • Industry-leading number of priority assays, completed in just 10 minutes, and more than 50 critical assays that can be delivered in under 14 minutes.
    • Patent-pending Atellica® Lab Evaluation Suite offers patient samples to be run concurrently with laboratory evaluation studies such as Reagent Lot-to-Lot, simple precision, and linearity. 
    • Chemistry and immunoassay engines that run autonomously allowing throughput to be maintained for rack-based processing 
    • No processing interruptions: load on the fly reagents and consumables

    Labs within a broader network need more than just shared consumables and technology, they require workflow, workforce and workload agility. Discover the Atellica CI Analyzer with built in optionality to keep pace with changing operational and clinical demands.

    • Common workflows, technologies, consumables and user interface allows for the reallocation of experienced resources across all clinical diagnostic locations.
    • Assay portfolio enables intelligent consolidation, so you can accelerate turnaround times and reduce send-outs, while fostering the type of continual innovation required to satisfy unmet clinical demands or keep pace with a rapidly changing industry.
    • Random-access sampling allows for no major common processing components to be shared for clinical chemistry and immunoassay analysis, maximizing throughput up to 1120 tests per hour.
    • Use of valleys in spoke locations could reduce send-outs or ease peak times in central labs.

    German Design Award Gold 2023


    In 2023, the Rat für Formgebung - German Design Council recognized the Atellica® CI Analyzer for its design excellence and user experience.