Frictionless healthcare:
Why it matters and how to get there

Insights Series, issue 28: A thought leadership paper on “Achieving operational excellence” and “Digitalizing healthcare” co-authored with ECG Management Consultants

Patients no longer make their decisions about healthcare providers solely based on quality of care. Their experience while receiving care is becoming increasingly crucial as well. When patients experience points of frustrations as they navigate the healthcare system, this friction could erode patients’ loyalty and trust in their healthcare providers, leading them to switch to another provider. These points of friction can also contribute to increased caregiver workload and burnout.

This paper, in collaboration with ECG Management Consultants, explores these various points of friction for both patients and healthcare providers. It also proposes concrete steps and digital tools that could be applied to eliminate unnecessary friction. In doing so, it lays out a roadmap for frictionless healthcare.

For patients
  • Improve care accessibility with online scheduling and low-friction websites
  • Provide better care navigation by providing contactless and self-service options, location services, and enforcing price transparency
  • Advance care delivery by employing patient-friendly technology and facilitating telehealth as well as remote patient monitoring
For healthcare providers
  • Eliminate waste and rethink workflows
  • Replace non-value-adding activities with automation
  • Enhance value-added activities

By removing unnecessary friction, healthcare organizations can be well-positioned in an environment where patients are gradually shifting towards a more consumer-oriented mindset, while promoting caregivers’ well-being at the same time. Find out more about frictionless healthcare.

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