Dorin Comaniciu on digitalizing healthcare with artificial intelligenceHow a Digital Twin could improve diagnosis and treatment

Dorin Comaniciu, PhD, paints a picture of the near future in which further advances and innovations in digitalization support healthcare. Using cardiovascular disease as an example, he shows how a Digital Twin can improve diagnosis and treatment for individual cases, based on patient data collected from a variety of sources.

“And then, perhaps, we will expand our thinking from disease care into healthcare. And we will not talk about patient-centric prevention, but about person-centric prevention. And when disease happens, we have all the information context to take the right decisions.” – Dorin Comaniciu

  • Dorin Comaniciu believes that AI will help to further improve the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
  • A Digital Twin has the potential to create new possibilities for prescribing and planning procedures. Physicians can use it to test various therapies, examine the outcomes, and select the best therapy for the patient.
  • Innovations in digitalizing healthcare are driven by the desire to do what is right for the patient. Artificial intelligence, for instance, can eliminate unnecessary interventions, prioritize acute cases, improve the quality and productivity of healthcare, advance precision medicine, and generate more clinical knowledge.
  • Digitalizing healthcare will create a shift from patient-centric disease management to person-centric healthcare. This will be possible thanks to a lifelong collection of data and its application in a Digital Twin.

Watch the full talk of Dorin Comaniciu at the 2018 Executive Summit.

Dorin Comaniciu, Siemens, invited as speaker at Executive Summit

Dorin Comaniciu, PhD, Vice President of Artificial Intelligence at Siemens Healthineers.