Creating the future of healthInsights on transforming care delivery by Amy Compton-Phillips

Amy Compton-Phillips, MD, explains the path her organization is taking to personalize care and transform healthcare delivery. Their biggest goal: simplifying health.

“We are moving towards personalized plans of care – not only for treatment, but also for prevention.” – Amy Compton-Phillips

  • By making variations in care and outcomes visible with data, and creating a learning infrastructure, organizations can evolve to provide better care at lower cost.
  • Digital tools and technologies have provided new ways to simplify access to patients. By combining personal data with relevant health information, organizations can empower patients to engage in self-care.
  • Compton-Phillips says that patients will increasingly be able to take control of their own health by self-tracking their lifestyle – which is completely in line with the transformation to predictive, preventative, personalized, and participatory medicine (“P4 Medicine”).

Watch Amy Compton-Phillips' full talk at the 2017 Executive Summit.

Amy Compton-Phillips

Amy Compton-Phillips, Chief Clinical Officer and Executive Vice President at Providence St. Joseph Health, a large not-for-profit health and social-services system in the U.S.