CS-2500 System

Mid-volume coagulation analyzer with smartly designed technologies

Features & Benefits

Improve sample management, increase efficiency, and streamline lab workflow

The CS-2500 System is a fully automated, mid-volume coagulation analyzer. It provides:

Siemens Healthineers Sample integrity

Sample integrity

PSI technology helps laboratories manage unsuitable samples prior to analysis and provide reliable results on the first run.

Siemens Healthineers cost-effective operation

Cost-effective consolidation

Automated mixing studies, automated platelet aggregation,1 clot waveform analysis,2 and efficient reagent management enable cost-effective consolidations of instruments and staff.

Siemens Healthineers Seamless integration

Efficient operation

Sophisticated software, continuous loading, and simplified maintenance support streamlined lab workflows.

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Seamless integration

Seamless integration of instruments through shared consumables1 and comparable assay reference ranges optimizes use across multisite labs.

Pre-analytical Variables in Routine Coagulation Testing whitepaper

Discover the science behind reliable results. 

The CS-2500 System supports more-reliable results using PSI technology. However, there are additional pre-analytical variables associated with coagulation testing that also must be considered.

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Pre-analytical Variables in Routine Coagulation Testing: Setting the Stage for Accurate Results.

The CS-2500 System offers mid-volume and multi-site labs advanced features and benefits for a streamlined workflow and high-quality test results on the first run.

High onboard capacity

Lab-to-lab consistency

Reagent management

Automated mixing studies

Integrated platelet aggregation

Clot waveform analysis

Operational efficiency

Cap-piercing technology

PSI technology

Multiwavelength scanning


Intuitive system interface

  1. PT with Dade Innovin assay

    PT with Dade® Innovin® assay6

    • Results correlate with CN-30007, CN-60007, CS-5100, and CA-600 series systems.
    • Seamless integration of instruments and standardized PSI technology optimize use across multisite labs.
    • Standardized software, reagents, controls, and calibrators improve convenience, provide cost savings, and reduce waste for more efficient utilization of labor. 
    • Atellica® Data Manager enables standardized testing protocols and result management throughout the lab and across lab networks.

    6 Irfan P, Lane P, Mackie I, Machin S. Evaluation of a novel, pioneering, intermediate throughput Sysmex coagulation analyser. Sysmex CS-2500 Poster. Haemostasis Research Unit, University College London, London, United Kingdom.

    7 The products/features/applications mentioned here are not commercially available in all countries and are subject to local regulations. Their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Not available for sale in the U.S.


INNOVANCE reagents assay photo

Our hemostasis assay portfolio ranges from standard PT and APTT testing to a range of specialty tests.

The CS-2500 System offers an expansive test menu of routine and specialty hemostasis assays (including several INNOVANCE® assays), all on a single instrument, allowing labs to run more tests per sample while processing a higher number of samples.

Download the reagent portfolio brochure for an overview of the CS-2500 System test menu.

Technical Specifications

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