CA-620 and CA-660 Systems

Two coagulation analyzers that make a big impact with a small footprint

Features & Benefits

Efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly testing to meet your lab's needs 

The CA-600 Systems are two fully automated, low-volume hemostasis analyzers. They provide:

Efficient workflow: reduce hands-on time in the lab

Reduced hands-on time

Increase walkaway time through reduced manual steps with automated probe rinse, ready-to-use cleaning solution, simplified data entry, and more.

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Time and cost savings

The Siemens Healthineers commitment to cross-platform reagents, quality control, and consumables reduces waste and saves time through streamlined ordering and maintenance.

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Big performance from a small footprint

25% less power consumption than CA-500 Systems and minimal consumables support environmentally friendly operation.

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The ideal solution

The CA-600 Systems are the ideal fit for larger labs that need a powerful backup and satellite or smaller labs needing a robust stand-alone system.

See how the CA-600 Systems are designend to deliver reliance and convenience in low-volume hemostasis testing.

User-friendly display

Two model configurations

Removable reagent trays

Standardized operations

Consolidated testing methodologies

Sample bar-code reader

Fast results

Small footprint

Broad testing menu

2D bar-code reader

Easy maintenance

  1. Lab tech using touchscreen oon CA-600 System

    • Facilitates easier viewing of reaction curves.

    • Makes system operation easy through intuitive menu structure and titled color touchscreen.


INNOVANCE reagents assay photo

Our hemostasis assay portfolio ranges from standard PT and APTT testing to a range of specialty tests.

The CA-600 Systems offer the choice between routine testing only or routine and specialty testing. Their test menus include applications for the INNOVANCE D-Dimer assay,1 INNOVANCE Anti-Xa assay,3 INNOVANCE VWF Ac assay,and more. 

Download the reagent portfolio brochure for an overview of the CA-600 Systems assays and the full test menu. 

Technical Specifications

Expand to learn more about key specifications and differences between the CA-660 and CA-620 Systems.