Discover PEPconnect & PEPconnectionsYour smarter connection to knowledge in digitalizing healthcare


PEPconnect is the industry’s first personalized online education and performance experience designed to offer healthcare professionals education and training that’s customized to their role, competency, and learning behaviour.

PEPconnect provides an experience where individuals can:

  • Explore more than 8,000 engaging in-vivo and in-vitro learning activities – including e-learnings, webinars, job aids, videos, virtual instructor led events, and more.
  • Create their own learning experience with an individual profile, plan and transcript to record their education whether offered by Siemens Healthineers, their own institution or another provider
  • Connect, communicate, and be part of social learning groups and acquire the certificates they need.


PEPconnections is a premium subscription to workforce education and management services, to manage the healthcare institution’s performance growth with integrated group management and administration features.

PEPconnections’ is completely integrated with PEPconnect and offers features for healthcare staff managers to customize the staff’s education experience with learning plans containing Siemens Healthineers education or activities offered by the institution or other sources.

Group owners can assign, create, track and manage the group’s education, whether offered by Siemens Healthineers, their institution or other sources and streamline activities for audit preparation with instant access to comprehensive reports and dashboards. They can purchase and subscribe to additional education activities or services to expand the institutions education portfolio (subject to country availability.)

PEPconnections is an annual subscription to workforce education management and administration that is integrated within the PEPconnect experience. Group Owners can customize the experience by adding their own content for their group and must accept a Special Terms of Use prior to gaining access. Content types that can be uploaded are Links, PDF, PowerPoint (ppt, pptx), Video (wmv, avi, mp4, mov), Word (doc, docx).

PEPconnections provides the visibility, access, and management tools for quality and compliance verification throughout the entire organization—meeting compliance needs and saving time by simplifying education management.

In addition to PEPconnect, the premium subscription PEPconnections offers integrated workforce management and administration features which allow institutions to:

  • Personalize the education experience of individual employees with customizable learning plans, combining education designed by Siemens Healthineers and/or their own institution
  • Assign, create, track, and manage the education of entire groups
  • Communicate and share information and relevant activities with their staff at any time
  • Streamline audit preparation with instant access to dashboards and comprehensive reports


The Virtual Wallet Points expands the healthcare institutions’ ability to purchase additional Virtual Education Offerings with points, whenever they need them. Virtual Wallet Points (VWP) put the customer in control of their education, where they spend their points on what they need and when they need it, beyond POS. Virtual Wallet Points are available in bulk for flexible spending on Virtual Education Options (content or service subscriptions) CECs or CEUs and can be purchased as part of the service contract. PEPconnect Virtual Wallet Points are purchased in a bulk format. Points are added to a virtual wallet which can be used as flexible spending units that can be applied to available CECs or CEUs PEPconnections and other subscriptions to Virtual Education Options. Each point is equal to one U.S. Dollar. PEPconnect Virtual Wallet Points can be utilized as flexible spending on PEPconnections, CECs or CEUs or VEOs.