Transforming the system of care

How to transform healthcarePerspectives on how to increase health equity and access for all with 
smartly-connected care systems

Insights  Series - Issue 49

Article authors: Christina Triantafyllou and Sonja Zolg | Reading time: 4 minutes

Get inspired and learn how healthcare systems around the globe are being continually upgraded and transformed for better access and more equitable care.

Transforming the system of care is one of the central challenges facing all healthcare providers today. The need to transform care systems is driven by both opportunity and necessity.

The opportunities in healthcare nowadays are vast: imaging advances, telehealth and telemedicine emergence, AI potential, patient engagement focus, etc. As vast, is the necessity for change to make advanced health services available to those in need.

This whitepaper analyzes steps that can be taken to expand access to care, effectively deliver more decentralized care, and by building smartly-connected systems of care. Learn more about how your organization can embrace these strategies.

Key takeaways from the paper

Expand access to care:

  • Availability, affordability, acceptability
  • Acceleration of global development in joint efforts
  • End-to-end healthcare delivery by technology
  • Capacity building advancements

Deliver decentralized care closer to patients:

  • Virtual care
  • Mobile units for screening or treatment
  • Hub-and-spoke delivery models
  • Outpatient health settings

Build a smartly-connected system of care:

  • Inter-connectivity of health systems
  • Provider-to-patient connectivity 
  • Artificial Intelligence and data insights
  • eHealth platforms and patient portals

How high is the percentage of the global population that still lacks access to essential health services?

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