syngo.via RT Image Suite
Empower your decisions

Integrate 3D and 4D, CT, MR and PET images accurately and efficiently?

syngo.via RT Image Suite’s Rigid Registration and optional Deformable Registration allows you to integrate diverse image types easily and accurately, enabling confident contouring with multiple image series.

Integrate all relevant clinical information into your decision-making and contouring process?

Get the full picture of your patient with syngo.via RT Image Suite. Leverage advanced imaging throughout the treatment process to optimize care for individual patients.

Reduce contouring time in complex cases?

syngo.via RT Image Suite allows the simultaneous display and contouring of all clinical images required for contouring moving targets as well as providing efficient 4D and 3D contouring tools.

syngo.via RT Image Suite
syngo.via RT Image Suite

syngo.via RT Image Suite was developed for Radiation Oncology professionals. Designed as a user-friendly work aid to make simulation, image assessment, and contouring easier and better integrated, it eases what you do daily while also offering capabilities that go beyond the current standard.
Profit from a solid basis for collaboration and a powerful tool for treatment decisions and response assessment – for more efficiency, more standardized output, and more integration.

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