Grand Opening of MAGNETOM Altea in University Medical Center, Ho Chi Minh City (UMC)

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


UMC and Siemens Healthineers officially unveiled the 1.5T MRI MAGNETOM Altea today. The grand opening, graced by UCM and Siemens Healthineers Board of Directors in Vietnam, healthcare professors, and media representatives, marks a significant milestone in advancing medical imaging technology.

The MAGNETOM Altea MRI System at UMC embodies the fusion of technology and compassion, heralding a future where constraints are shattered and barriers are transcended. Its exceptional features, showcased during the grand opening, redefine the possibilities of medical imaging:

  • Compressed Sensing GRASP VIBE Technology: A groundbreaking innovation eliminating motion picture noise, transcending physical barriers, and ensuring access to care for a broader patient demographic, including geriatric and pediatric patients. This technology opens avenues for equal healthcare access, making it a reality.
  • BioMatrix Technology: An ingenious marvel adapting to the uniqueness of each patient's body, allowing personalized examinations, and expanding the frontiers of precision medicine. This transformative tool unlocks the full potential of personalized care, tailoring treatment plans to each individual.
  • Deep Resolve Boost: AI-powered image reconstruction technology, coupled with Compressed Sensing and Simultaneous Multi-Slice capabilities, revolutionizing the speed and efficiency of patient scans. UMC, one of Vietnam's largest public hospitals, can now extend its healing touch to more patients by reducing the burden on dedicated staff.

With a commitment to providing optimal healthcare solutions through the integration of treatment, research, and training, UMC focuses on pioneering in various areas of expertise, including diagnostic imaging. Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Hoang Bac, Director of UMC, emphasized the urgency of implementing a new MR machine to address patient needs and create favorable conditions for diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment.

Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Hoang Bac spoke at the grand opening, stating, "The new high-end 1.5T MR system deployed at the Department of Diagnostic Imaging has contributed to addressing the needs of patients, creating more favorable conditions for doctors and nurses in diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment."

In response, Fabian Martin Singer, General Manager, expressed delight in collaborating with UMC to improve patient outcomes across challenging medical conditions and enhance the overall patient experience. He emphasized Siemens Healthineers' commitment to supporting healthcare experts and leading teachers at UMC through innovative technology, prioritizing the best interests of patients in Vietnam.

The Grand Opening event wrapped up with a visit to the Diagnostic Imaging Department.