Siemens Healthineers body scan from PET/CT using FAST PET Workflow AI.

TrueVMaximum speed PET/CT technologies

Features & Benefits


TrueV high-speed technology widens the axial field of view (aFoV) and features 30% fewer bed positions when compared to a standard aFoV. With an increased peak noise equivalent count (NEC) rate of more than 60%,1 you can lower injected dose or scan time. For example, a scan time can be reduced from 20 minutes to 10 minutes or 50% less dose injected in the patient. TrueV equals ½ injected dose or 2x speed due to 60% increase in NEC performance.

truev clinical image

Data courtesy of University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, USA.

ultraHD•PET and TrueV as combined technologies make a five-minute PET scan possible–unprecedented for a routine clinical exam. ultraHD•PET + TrueV equals ½ injected dose and 2x speed due to 60% increase in NEC performance and a 2x improvement in signal to noise.


  • 2x lower dose or 2x faster scan speed
  • Increased organ coverage
  • Increased system sensitivity
  • Capability of either increased patient throughput
    or improved image quality 

TrueV + ultraHD•PET

  • Provides 2x lower dose
  • Offers 2x faster scan speed
  • Provides 2x improvement in signal to noise
A case study about how one medical facility improved their PET/CT services.

Hackensack University Medical Center

Read the case study on how Hackensack University Medical Center improved their PET/CT services by reducing wait times and costs with TrueV technology.

Technical Specifications



  • BiographTM TruePoint PET/CT
  • Biograph mCT PET/CT
  • Biograph mCT FlowTM PET/CT
  • Biograph Horizon2 PET/CT

Expected system downtime for upgrade is five days.