nexaris Angio-CT
At the nexus of treatment innovation

nexaris Angio-CT
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nexaris Angio-CT

At the nexus of treatment innovation

Interventional Radiology - nexaris Angio-CT- nexaris Angio-CT Instant Fusion Imaging Picture
Angio, CT and wireless ultrasound seamlessly combined

The first multi-modality angiography-CT suite with a common coordinate system and Instant Fusion of images

Flexible room configuration1

Multi-room options allow two teams to share one CT scanner, which can streamline workflow, boost utilization rates and raise ROI

Interventional Radiology - nexaris Angio-CT- nexaris Angio-CT Multi-Modality Technology Picture
Explore new procedures, devices and pathways

Safely expand the scope of IR in both palliative oncology and acute care, with the confidence and peace of mind every pioneer needs

Quick Switching between angiography and CT

Perform ablation and embolization on one table in one session, by easily sliding the patient table back and forth between CT and angio

Create Space

Park the CT scanner or angio out of the way when not in use, to give key personnel uninterrupted access to the patient

The aging population and value-based reimbursement have raised demand for minimally invasive procedures that enhance both patient care and cost efficiency. This calls for innovation in IR.

The nexaris Angio-CT is the first hybrid suite with Instant Fusion that seamlessly integrates angio and CT images. Even wireless ultrasound images can be displayed side-by-side on the large display. Angio, CT and ultrasound images are available at a single glance. Now it’s easier than ever to perform challenging, multi-modality procedures, streamline workflows and advance therapy outcomes with the peace of mind every pioneer needs.

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1This configuration is a customized solution and not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons, future availability cannot be guaranteed.