Mobilett XPAdvanced analog mobile X-ray machine

Prompt and accurate diagnoses require simplified workflows and focus on high image quality. Mobilett XP, Mobilett XP Hybrid, and Mobilett XP Eco are advanced analog mobile X-ray machines which combine remarkable imaging power and quality with easy mobility and high operator comfort.

  • Excellent image quality
  • Remarkable user comfort
  • High flexibility to adjust to patients’ positioning
  • One idea, three individual models

Características y Beneficios

Benefits of medical X-ray machine

With the Mobilett XP family we pay tribute to the individuality of your hospital routine and give you choices in mobile X-ray imaging:


Mobilett XP
is the powerful all-rounder with 30 kW power output and excellent image quality for interdisciplinary use in all departments where reliable and quick imaging are
of high importance.


Mobilett XP Hybrid
Our leading model of the XP series, with 30 kW power output, motor-assisted drive and both mains and battery power operation.


Mobilett XP Eco
is the economic variant of Mobilett XP with 20 KW power output to address hospitals with reduced power requirements

Any Mobilett XP portable machine offers these features and benefits:

  • Lightweight and compact mobile X-ray system with one of the largest arm ranges in the industry
  • Short exposure times down to 1 ms – virtually eliminating any motion blurring
  • Integrated cable design for easy cleanability

Medical X-ray machine Excellent image quality

Providing an excellent image quality for multiple applications

  • High power output of 30 kW/450 mA
    (exception: XP Eco 20kW/400 mA)
  • Minimum exposure times down to 1 ms (Mobilett XP Eco: 2 ms) – virtually eliminating any motion blurring

Highly comfortable traveling and maneuvering, designed with focus on high operating comfort

  • Lightweight and compact design for easy maneuverability
  • The slim design allows a good view when traveling
  • Arm system with integrated cables for easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Self-explaining user panel with clearly
  • visible displays
  • X-ray can be released via hand switch or the optional remote control
  • Optional dose area product (DAP) measurement


Medical X-ray machine High flexibility

High flexibility to adjust to patients’ positioning

  • Freely rotating unit head supports an easy projection setup
  • Counterbalanced swivel arm with a horizontal extension up to 128 cm
  • Double-articulated arm for effortless positioning
  • The compact design fits easily into tight hospital areas

Medical X-ray machine  - three individual models

Complementing the powerful all-rounder Mobilett XP the following system variants – all in the special giraffe design – are available:


Mobilett XP Hybrid

  • 30 kW power output
  • Battery assisted motor-drive for effortless traveling
  • Power supply from either long-life rechargeable batteries or conventional wall power outlet
  • Most X-ray exams can be continued through mains power even when the batteries are discharged
  • Battery saving mode – saves up to 25% energy while the system is in stand-by1


Mobilett XP Eco

  • 20 kW generator – when lower power output is suitable
  • In other respects it offers all the product benefits of Mobilett XP

Protect Plan Complete

Recommended Service Package2 with Protect Plan Complete

Uso Clínico

Discover the wide range of applications of mobile X-ray imaging.


Mobile X-ray machine - Perform a wide range of applications

Mobilett XP family systems are designed for versatile radiographic imaging, especially in

  • Intensive Care Units
  • Cardiac Care Units
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Units
  • Operating Rooms
  • Emergency Rooms
  • and at the patient’s bedside.