syngo.via for MRIGet the full picture.

Get the full picture in MRI, with syngo.via1 and Dot®. From scanning and processing to reading and sharing. Optimize and accelerate your entire MRI workflow, and consistently turn image quality into diagnostic value for your patients.

  • Efficient, flexible. intelligent 3D routine and advanced reading
  • Start your engines and accelerate your MRI reading workflows
  • Benefit from dedicated MRI applications for specific needs

Características y Beneficios

MRI - syngo.via - Turning image quality into diagnostic value

Your reading and post-processing solution for MRI with more than 20 applications available – in all clinical specialties.


MRI - syngo.via - Winning combinations of MR scanners and syngo.via

Get the most out of your images - you generate a wealth of imaging information and you need to extract the right information.


MRI - syngo.via - Integrated seamlessly into your IT environment

Flexible subscription offering allows you to optimize costs and value of your syngo.via system

  • Flexible access to modality packages and broad clinical capabilities
  • Evergreen solution incl. service and training plan with easy extension of users and contract
  • Transparent budget planning and operationalization of costs

Broaden your virtualization possibilities
Optimize your IT infrastructure with the flexible syngo.via virtualized deployments


MRI - syngo.via - Your gateway to innovation

Do you want to boost your clinical capabilities?
syngo.via OpenApps provides you direct and open access to a world of innovation. Get access and run an ever-growing variety of clinical applications from Siemens Healthineers and our partners – directly on your syngo.via.

Uso Clínico

Siemens Healthineers – syngo.via Applications

Find out more about a single imaging software for all key clinical specialties and tasks: syngo.via. It offers you a complete suite of applications and tools for 3D reading and advanced visualization – from general radiology to oncology, from cardiovascular care to neurology.
syngo.via supports healthcare professionals in fighting the most threatening diseases. Bundled in engines, you will always find the right tool for any case – in one comprehensive workplace.


syngo.via for MRI - supporting all key clinical fields - General MR

2D / 3D / 4D reading for routine and advanced cases providing dedicated workflows for fast and easy reading

syngo.via for MRI - supporting all key clinical fields - Neurology

With many tools that help with fast and standardized diagnoses, the syngo.MR Neurology applications take you to a whole new level of speed and flexibility in acute neurology.

syngo.via for MRI - supporting all key clinical fields - Oncology

syngo.MR Oncology applications automatically structure large amounts of data into layouts designed for oncology reading.

syngo.via for MRI - supporting all key clinical fields - Cardiovascular

syngo.MR Cardiology helps process the main vascular functions quickly and efficiently. Automatic post-processing allows you to see results as soon as you open your case.

Detalles técnicos

MRI - syngo.via - Fast and flexible access to multi-modality information
  • Client-server architecture
  • Concurrent use of floating licenses
  • Tight integration with modalities, RIS, and PACS
MRI - syngo.via - From entry solutions to bigger installations
  • Modality-attached deployments, single user
  • Departmental to enterprise solutions, multi-user
  • Numerous 2D, 3D, and 4D tools and applications for various clinical fields and modalities as standard
  • Broad variety of optional applications and packages