MAGNETOM SpectraIt´s the key to 3T.

A system that offers unprecedented access to 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging? The answer is MAGNETOM® Spectra1.It’s the key to a new scope of image and healthcare quality for patients. It’s the key to a new level of usability and diagnostic confidence for physicians. And, it’s the key to ensure premium patient care at an attractive total cost of ownership for radiologists. If access is what you are looking for, then MAGNETOM Spectra is your key to 3T.

  • Quality unchallenged. Unprecedented access to crisp, high-resolution 3T images at a remarkable level of accuracy
  • Usability unlimited. With Tim 4G, Dot, SlideConnect, DirectConnect, ultra-lightweight coils and more
  • Patient-care uncompromised. Access premium diagnostic technology for more efficient and target-oriented therapy