The winning formula for state-of-the-art medicineSiemens Healthineers Talks with Prof. Hartwig Huland of Martini-Klinik on Transforming care delivery

Professor Hartwig Huland, MD, is the Founder and Chief Physician at Hamburg’s renowned Martini-Klinik. He shares first-hand insights and personal reflections on the visionary operating principles that contributed to this success, including a unique approach to transforming care delivery.

Martini-Klinik is one of the most renowned and successful prostate cancer centers with approx. 2,200 surgical treatments per year.1 What is their winning formula for state-of-the-art medicine?

The Martini-Klinik's success is based on visionary operating principles, including a unique approach to hiring, an innovative care delivery model, a commitment to cutting-edge technology, and a robust devotion to measuring patient reported outcomes.

Prof. Hartwig Huland, Founder and Chief Physician at Martini-Klinik

Prof. Hartwig Huland, MD, Founder of and Chief Physician at Hamburg’s renowned Martini-Klinik, the world’s leading prostate cancer clinic. Prof. Huland and the team he personally assembled at the Martini-Klinik don’t just talk about transforming care delivery, they’ve actually done it – with remarkable success and spectacular results by virtually every criterion, including outcomes which are significantly above the German and global average and patient satisfaction.

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