Turnkey SolutionsYou have a vision? Leave the details to us!

To meet the challenge of building or restructuring new healthcare facilities, you need a strong partner who helps you to realize your project vision.

Siemens Turnkey Solutions supports you with everything required for a one-stop-solution – focused on the needs and targets of your medical organization:

  • Consulting and financing
  • Development and/or enhancement of project ideas
  • Working concepts
  • Overall planning and implementation
  • Unique partnership

No matter what your individual requirements are, you can count on a comprehensive partnership. We guide you through the complete process and help you by:

  • Setting the strategic direction for a future-proof solution
  • Analysis-driven recommendations for planned investments to meet current and future market needs
  • Workflow-oriented design methodologies and careful project management for efficient and cost-effective facility concepts that are on schedule and within budget
  • Performance monitoring, outcome planning or technical operation for enhancements in clinical, operational, and financial performance

Wherever your facility might be, our global presence and long-time expertise form a solid basis for a successful project that results in proven outcomes.

Turnkey Solutions - Imbanaco Medical Center

Imbanaco Medical Center, Cali, Colombia

A turnkey solution from Siemens Healthcare.
Imbanaco has teamed up with Siemens Healthcare to plan and build a new, completely integrated facility that will improve workflow, lower costs, and provide even better patient services.

Siemens Turnkey Solutions - Tawam Molecular Imaging Centrer

Tawam Molecular Imaging Centre, Al Ain

A turnkey solution from Siemens Healthcare – from project idea to partnership
In close cooperation with the customer, Mubadala Healthcare as part of the Mubadala Development Corporation, Siemens Healthcare is implementing a complete state-of-the-art turnkey solution, which is setting the standard in terms of innovation and workflow.

Siemens Turnkey Solutions - Radiation Therapy Center

Radiation Therapy Center, Krems, Austria

Siemens implemented a turnkey solution for a new Radiation Therapy Center in Krems, Austria, which consisted of planning, architectural design, construction, acquisition and implementation of all medical and nonmedical equipment. The design was based on an optimized, patient-oriented workflow which resulted in a one-stop solution - in time and on budget.