CirugíaIntervención quirúrgica para Accidentes Cerebrovasculares


A hybrid operating room (OR) combines interventional and technical equipment for surgery by integrating angiographic imaging capabilities into the operating suite. This provides considerable workflow advantages in the surgical treatment of stroke as it eliminates the need for preoperative angiography in the radiology suite. Hybrid ORs also make immediate control of the treatment success following a surgical intervention in stroke possible. Siemens supports you in room and functional planning and with mobile angiography systems.

Artis Zeego, a robotic assisted angiographic system for surgical applications, provides you with greater positioning flexibility and easy patient access. syngo® DynaCT enables you to generate 3D CT-like images by combining 2D X-Ray acquisition through a flatpanel detector with the rotation of the C-arm around the patient. Siemens syngo® DynaCT and syngo® DynaPBV Neuro help you in verifying whether the aneurysm has been completely sealed off. After the intervention, syngo® DynaPBV Neuro helps you in assessing the surgical outcome and making sure adjacent normal vessels have not been occluded by clip placement and blood flow within the related areas of the brain is normal. syngo® iFlow further helps identifying arteriovenous malformations (AVM) remaining after the procedure. syngo® DynaCT permits identifying complications such as re-bleeding once the intervention has been finalized.