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With stroke care, time is brain. International guidelines agree that reducing the door-to-needle time, i.e. the time from admission to thrombolysis, is a key factor in further improving the stroke outcome.
Optimal stroke care essentially relies on smooth interaction of all elements of the health care supply chain. Yet physicians and clinical managers face a major challenge when having to integrate continuously evolving diagnostic and therapeutic strategies into existing clinical environments.

How to Improve Acute Stroke Care
Finland is one of the world's leading nations in the field of acute stroke care. In this film, Professor Markku Kaste from Helsinki University Hospital explains how to improve the workflow of emergency stroke treatment and hence the patients' quality of life.

Act on Stroke

The consulting approach ‘Act on Stroke’ is an assessment and improvement of hospital-specific structures and clinical processes.
Based on a systematic model, encompassing clinical guidelines, latest scientific results and clinical expertise, “Act on Stroke” rates the maturity level of stroke processes in a hospital. After a detailed analysis and evaluation of the organization’s actual situation, suggestions for improvement are developed.