Mechanical ThrombectomyStroke Treatment

Mechanical thrombectomy, clot disruption, or angioplasty and stenting under emergency conditions or as planned interventions aim at recanalizing occluded carotid or cerebral arteries, as well as secondary prevention of stroke. In the case of an acute stroke, these therapeutic measures are usually complemented by intravenous thrombolytic therapy.
Crucial for intra-vascular interventions is the fast and accurate locating of vascular occlusions combined with a reliable evaluation of intra-vascular access paths to the therapeutic site. Determining therapeutic options and monitoring the effect of the applied treatment mechanical interventions in stroke requires excellent real time visualization of vascular lesions. In particular, this applies to complex or delicate intra-vascular therapies. Furthermore, imaging devices should interfere as little as possible with the intervention. Smooth information exchange with other imaging modalities, such as MR, CT, and US, should be available.
Siemens provides you with comprehensive systems for vascular interventions that smoothly integrate with diagnostic neuroimaging in all modalities and support fast efficient care for your patients without getting in your way.

Mechanical Thrombectomie

Interventional radiology is one of the major diagnostic and therapeutic options in stroke treatment. Interventional imaging systems have to balance major requirements: on the one hand, instant imaging without concessions to quality or modality and on the other, unrestricted access to the patient and free choice of interventional procedure for the medical staff.
Siemens' latest C-arm systems in the Artis Q/ Artis zee family provide optimal imaging capabilities complemented by precise, flexible, and easy positioning control. Combined with Siemens syngo® DynaCT imaging software, this enables CT-like data acquisition and visualization for angiography or perfusion analysis in less than a minute, while minimizing interference with vascular interventions. Streamlined workflows allow for a profound and immediate evaluation of the outcome of your intervention. In addition, Siemens’ syngo® DynaPBV Neuro and syngo® iFlow software allow for an immediate and profound evaluation of the therapeutic success right at the site of intervention.