Tratamiento del AneurismaEffective Stroke Treatment

During endovascular interventions such as embolization, advanced vascular imaging provides powerful decision support during the procedure as well as effective device guidance and placement. For surgical interventions like aneurysm clipping, vascular imaging supports surgery planning and the following quality assessment. Siemens analysis tools reduce the information load by removing distracting visual input (e.g. skull base) in intra-arterial X-ray. Consequently, it assists you in focusing on vascular changes and interventional procedures. Dedicated planning possibilities and quality assessment during and after the procedure permit to confirm treatment effectiveness and to react to eventual complications on the spot. Siemens angiography solutions for interventional radiology and surgery support you in performing satisfying treatment results.

X-ray Angiography

Angiography is the gold standard¹ to depict aneurysms and visualize and control the placement of coils.
syngo Neuro Aneurysm Analysis (incl. Virtual Stent) facilitates fast and easy evaluation of aneurysms, including overlay of a virtual stent, for easy device implantation.
Siemens syngo® iFlow helps you in verifying whether the aneurysm has been successfully sealed off by providing the possibility to display the inflow and outflow of an aneurysm before and after treatment (coiling or placing of a flow diverter), as well as for embolization of arteriovenous malformations. During the intervention, syngo iPilot (3D-RDMP) helps you guiding the device and controlling stent placement. After the intervention, syngo® iFlow enables you to visualize if the intended modification in blood flow has been achieved.

syngo® DynaCT and DynaPBV Neuro

syngo® DynaCT imaging software provides CT-like data acquisition and visualization for angiography or perfusion analysis in less than a minute (in 512 default reconstruction size). For stroke patients, visualization of brain perfusion is of special importance before, during, and after neuroradiological interventions. Based on DynaCT, Siemens’ syngo® DynaPBV Neuro software allows for an immediate and profound evaluation of the therapeutic success right at the site of intervention. After the intervention, based on syngo® DynaCT, syngo® DynaPBV Neuro permits you to verify that adjacent normal vessels have not been occluded by device placement and that blood volume in the related areas of the brain is normal. This edge-of-technology neuro-imaging software allows for differentiated stroke diagnosis right at the angio suite. Monitoring brain parenchymal blood volume (PBV) and perfusion imaging of the entire brain at the site of intervention saves critical time, avoids patient transportation, and possibly reduces radiation exposure.

Artis Zeego

Artis Zeego, a robotic assisted angiographic system for surgical applications, provides you with greater positioning flexibility and easy patient access. syngo® DynaCT enables you to generate 3D CT-like images by combining 2D X-Ray acquisition through a flatpanel detector with the rotation of the C-arm around the patient. This integration of angiographic imaging capabilities into the operating suite provides considerable workflow advantages as it eliminates the need for preoperative angiography in the radiology suite.