Consultoría en Cardiología

On the one hand, the growing number of PTCA in Germany proves the increasingly important role cardiology plays in today’s healthcare environment. On the other hand it is an indication of the competitive pressures cardiology institutions are facing today. In order to be successful in the market these institutions not only require first-class technical equipment, but also need to make sure:
• Efficient clinical and administrative processes are implemented – resulting in minimized costs
• Transsectoral processes and co-operations are being set-up – resulting in winning over new partners and patients
• Additional income, outside the budget, is being generated by taking advantage of new regulatory opportunities


We at Siemens Healthcare know that you expect more than mere medical technology or pure IT products. This is why our Healthcare Consulting portfolio comprises everything you need to strengthen your cardiology offerings:
• Strategy and management
• Clinical process optimization
• IT, technology, and infrastructure planning

Consulting for strategy, process and infrastructure
Our consulting concept is based on a modular structure. Whether added value, cooperation or the optimization of clinical processes – you can precisely target any weak spots discovered in the evaluations we perform with you. The modules can be ordered individually or as a package, and are specially tailored to meet the requirements of clinical administration as well as business management.


Act on Outcomes
Additionally to the modular concept we also offer our new consulting approach “Act on Outcomes” for specific disease patterns. With “Act on Outcomes” we systematically assess and improve hospital operations and clinical processes based on best-practices, guidelines and latest clinical and scientific knowledge.
In Cardiology we offer “Act on Outcomes” for Acute Coronary Syndrome and Heart Failure.